Chapter 4: His Highness, the legendary handsomest, highly-successful individual

“Today, we would be sketching the map of Orland.”

Under this bright and sunny sky, in which even dolphins probably were dancing in joy, I said to the children of His Majesty with the tone normally undertaken by teachers.

The palace of Eren Kingdom had been surrounded by several thick and high walls, and one large section behind these walls had been allotted to the construction of a new building. I heard that the work would commence the next week, and so decided to organize an outdoor class before the work began.

Everyone began to cooperate and work hard at drawing out the maps of each country with wooden sticks.

The country of my origin, the Winstoria Empire, was a country of knowledge and arts; Rubinia which was surrounded by seas was a hub of sea transportation and trade, as well as rich in seafood. Famed for its lakes and rivers from which many fairy tales had been written was the kingdom of Romancia, where my mother had grew up in.

Then there was the Eren Kingdom which could only be reached by crossing over a deep blue ocean from the continent. Until 10 years ago it was still maintaining its strict policy of isolation, but when the children’s Father – His Majesty, the open-minded,charismatic King Cecello – Eren had began pursuing the path of open policy,such that Eren today was known as the Dragon Kingdom, or even the Promised Land. As the tale went, there was once a powerful dragon who promised a girl of this kingdom that it would make this land prosperous. Naturally, these new titles were not coincidental to the fact that King Cecello was also called the Sky-Drake.

“It’s often said that The Kingdom of Chivalry Orland is shaped like an eagle spreading its wings. Princess Sarasa and Orie please take charge of the right wing, Princess Seira and Prince Shin please work on the left wing, and Prince Ryuuju, please be responsible for its head and beak sections.”

“Ok, Orie, let’s begin drawing from this side.”

“Understood ~ Sarasa.”

While the twin princesses often exhibited little attention on classes involving mathematic or literature and chose rather to gossip about relationships and confessions in the palace, they seemed to enjoy activities that involved interactions. They were now happily cooperating to sketch out the lines on the ground.

Prince Ryuuju who was in charge of the head portion also displayed his overly-serious character at this moment,staring in concentration on the ground’s surface and muttering while drawing: “Orland’s pointed end forms 100 degrees with its right wing, is a little uneven at its centre…”

“The beak looks pretty well drawn.”

When I gave a word of praise, he suddenly stopped drawing with a skip, opening and closing his mouth with his face completely reddened, and then looked away.

“Don’t, don’t talk to me while I’m working.”

His small voice said. Even his ears were dyed red as he said it.

Sigh… This child was so easy to read, his entire body was revealing feelings of shy coyness.

It seemed that he was still very embarrassed for fainting in front of me a few days ago, getting carried back to his room by me, and then being down with a high fever for a few days. These few days if I even just approach him for even a little, his face would turn as red as a tomato, and he became frantic over what to do.

“Big Bro Ryuuju really likes Glinda a lot!”

“Trying to act cool-looking and manly by pretending to be serious is only going to make you look more like a child!”

The twin princesses teased him mercilessly.

Hearing such, the prince’s face turned even redder. He said:

“S, Shut up, Sarasa and Orie! I’m not trying to make myself look more manly!”

“Really? Didn’t you ran to ask Chef Stoff what must you eat to grow taller? And didn’t you ask about whether it’s to drink more milk?”

“Being shorter than the girl you admire, you can’t even lead your partner in a dance! That’s such a severe issue!”


“P, princesses Sarasa and Orie, I-it’s still the middle of the class, please concentrate on the lesson.”

I rushed to stop them, but they just replied “Ok!” in a single innocent adorable voice.

“Glinda’s protecting you, you’re so lucky, Big Bro Ryuuju.”

“Rather than trying to emphasize your lack of manly coolness, why not pursue the route of the ‘adorable young boy that you just can’t leave alone’? It’s got more prospects that way.”

“Wow, that’s a good strategy, Sarasa.”

“Don’t you think so too, Orie?”



Prince Ryuuju was grabbing his stick with both hands shaking uncontrollably, but when I went to sooth him, he bit his lips and continued to draw lines on the ground.

From the way he worked hard with his back straight and upright, one could feel that Prince Ryuuju had much pride and dignity despite his young age.

He fell in love with his teacher who was older than him, was flustered by the confusion around him, and got teased by his younger sisters because of that. If I was a girl, I would probably find him adorable too. But I am a guy, and even though I really wished to support him, there was no way I could have accepted his feelings, so I felt somewhat contrite and dishevelled inside.

Oh! I’m sorry! I’m actually a useless guy with male parts, sorry!

At the very least, in order to leave a happy memory in the mind of the young prince, I must never be discovered to be a replacement of my twin sister, and a male to boot.

When I imagined the prospect of being discovered, my body flinched, and I departed from Prince Ryuuju.

On the other hand, the cooperation between Seira and Prince Shin proceeded soundlessly.

The 5 year old Prince Shin seemed distracted as always, drawing lines on the ground effortlessly. Despite his sleepy face, the lines that he drew were both smooth and flawless. When he was not gripping onto Her Majesty’s skirt, he would be crafting with clay or drawing alone, and his extraordinary craftsmanship was exemplary.

Seira just kept drawing on the ground with an unknowable expression. If Prince Shin could be called distracted, Seira must be cold. With the flood of silver hair on her back and amethyst eyes, her harsh beauty carried with it an air of mystery.

Even though it was the middle of summer, she was still wearing her long-sleeved western dress with scarcely a drop of sweat, making me wonder how her body temperature really worked.

Come to think of it, my twin sister Glinda who was acclaimed as a world-class genius also used to wear long coats in the middle of the sweltering summer, and put on short-sleeved western dresses in the cold winter as though it was nothing. Maybe Seira, who was so much like her, also did not find it a strange thing.

Seira seemed to disregard the commotion caused by her siblings nearby, but whenever I tried speaking up for Prince Ryuuju, her small shoulders would shudder a little. Once, she slowly turned towards me and glared at me a little unhappily, but then turned back to what she had been doing.

For some reason, Seira had been angry with me since that day.

I had thought that she was still unhappy about me receiving Lana’s Day gifts from both Prince Ryuuju and Knight Jerome (That was when she called me dirty), but it seemed like that was not really the case.

A few days ago, she turned an icy face towards me and said in a chilling voice:

“Teacher… Did you kiss… Elder Brother Ryuuju?”

My hair stood on their ends and I let out strange sounds such as “Er?” and “Uuf”.

That was right, I did kiss him!

That was because, while I was being assaulted by Jerome, Prince Ryuuju had come to rescue me, so in order to thank him… Or should I say, to leave him a good memory of first love…

But, it had somehow caused the prince to fall ill with high fever.

Actually all I had done was to kiss him lightly on the cheek, like what mothers do to their children, so I could not really understand why Seira was so angry. She probably thought, ‘This transvestite was becoming too audacious if he thinks that he can do that to the heir to the throne.’

Seira knew my true identity.

After glaring at the frightened me with her icy cold gaze, she suddenly uneasily lowered her brows and gripped her right wrist tightly with her left hand which measured less than half the sizeof mine. Wetness surfaced at the corners of her eyes, her lips opened and then closed worriedly, and finally bit down on her lower lips.

When I worriedly asked her what’s wrong, she looked back at me with a cold expression and said:

“Teacher, your faults are too many.”

So saying, she left quickly.

(Was she saying that I was unfit to be her teacher?)

I was dumbstruck then and stood there rooted for a full 30 minutes.

I was worried that I would be rejected by her again, so just exchanging looks with Seira would give me stomach-ache. Even my tongue became twisted.

Seira gave me another look and I jumped in fright, strenuously forcing a kind smile, but she seemed like she was angry or slightly dejected as she lowered her head and gripped her right wrist with her left.

(Oh, it’s that action again.)

What was that supposed to mean? In all things regarding Seira, it was all one big ball of mystery.

I remembered that Glinda had also been often dejected over reasons that I had no idea about and acted strangely,such as stacking overturned plates atop the table, or cracking open walnuts one after another. Girls were so hard to understand – especially Glinda and Seira.

Soon, the map of Orland was completed on the floor.

“Orland is well known for its martial arts, as well as the metal mineral that it produces amply. Many sword and spear crafters among its blacksmiths have been titled ‘masters’ and are well-respected by knights. The western part of Orland from the province of Wienner to Elisia is a stretch of well-known wheat-producing land, being completely covered in wheat fields.”

I led everyone around the map to explain it.

“The Meredith Forest between Orland and the Kingdom of Romancia does not belong to any country, and there lives a small tribe of people – People of the Meredith which are reputed to possess a mysterious power, and are known as the ‘Tuners of the World’.”

“The People of Meredith must all look really beautiful!”

“They have shiny dull golden hair and eyes that are green like the leaves on the trees, right?”

The twin princesses said with their eyes sparkling. All girls seemed to love such romantic tales.

I looked at Seira, but found that she did not seem very much interested, but continued to display that frosty expression.

Strange, I thought she enjoyed knowing about mysterious events and legends, but apparently the Meredith did not seem to be her cup of tea?

I returned to the topic at hand and said:

“Going south from this place and crossing the ocean directly, you would reach the golden desert kingdom of Goemerz. The territories of Goemerz are almost completely covered in sand. The Lunaz River that flowed through them is known as the River of Life, and the region is well known for its gold mines.”

“I know!”

“I’ve heard that a super-handsome Crown Prince there is currently looking for a bride!”

Princesses Sarasa and Orie became even more excited in this topic, and began to discuss about the Crown Prince of Goemerz with frightful enthusiasm.

“I heard that the Haran, the Crown Prince of Goemerz, boarded a ship with white sails on his 16th birthday, on a quest to seek out his ideal bride!”

“He’s 18 now! That’s to say he had been sailing the seas all over the world for more than 2 years!”

“His hair is as black as the dark night of the desert, his eyes as sparklingly bright as gold!”

“He’s so handsome and gentle, as well as adept in both the sword and the book, excelling in every skill and has been called the most charming prince in the world!”

“There is by now more than 1000 girls who have fallen in love with Prince Haran, but the prince has yet to discover a bride that he truly loved, so is still wandering the seas in thirst of his dream.”

“Wow, how romantic.”

“Really wish that Prince Haran would come to Eren.”

Princesses Sarasa and Orie were enthralled in their discussion of this mysterious desert prince charming, and even though Prince Ryuuju angrily reprimanded: “Be quiet! It’s still lesson time, l-listen to G-Glinda”, neither of them appeared to wish to stop.

Every time Seira heard Prince Ryuuju mentioning my name timidly, she would react with a slight twitch of her shoulders, but would immediately return to being expressionless.

As for Prince Shin, he remained completely unconcerned and began to draw pictures of ships on the map.

Sigh… It was always like that. The twin princesses’ idle chatter always caused the lessons to drift away from the topic.

I had almost given up on redirecting the attention of those two princesses who were having dreams about their prince charming.

Then again, being able to spendtwo full years sailing all over the world for fun was hardly a normal feat evenfor the typical elite filthy rich.

Even if the excuse of “seeking out the ideal bride” was legitimate, wasn’t that just an excuse to play around with a huge mass of girls all over the world?

Right, according to the“Encyclopaedia of world royalty” from the Imperial Library of Winstoria, Emperor Ismael had 3000 beauties in his harem.

Certainly, this number might have included even the elderly maid-servants hired for housework, but just having this many beautiful ladies must had been a heavenly experience for the emperor in question.

When he inherit his father’s thrown, he might even take charge of the harem. Being in possession of such a lovely situation, he still wished to flirt around with girls all over the world! What a disgusting pervert, humph!

Just as I was secretly feeling ill-will towards this reputable handsome and elite member from the class of highly successful individuals –

Noise invaded from all sides and people from the palace scampered around all over the place.

“What’s going on?”

Prince Ryuuju was the first to frown.

A high-ranking official approached us, calling out in an exaggerated and loud voice:

“We’ve just received contact that the son of Emperor Ismael, Crown Prince Haran would be weighing anchor at the port of Eren, His Majesty had invited His Highness Haran into the palace as an honoured guest, so everyone please prepare to welcome His Highness.”

When the twin princesses heard this, their twin-tails flew and shook as they let out a ear-piercing cheer.

How could this superior member of the class of highly successful individuals come visit the palace here!


And so I went to welcome Prince Haran together with the royal family.

The scene of His Majesty and the ministers all gathering in the great hall was similar to my first day in Eren.

But, the manner in which Prince Haran walked across the deep red carpeted path was completely different from the me of that day, who had been swaggering about in lady’s high heels that I had yet to familiarise myself to, and bound to suffocation-levels by the disgusting corset.

“Whoa… He looks truly handsome, Sarasa.”

“En, it’s like a prince from the fairy tales.”

The twin princesses whispered their thoughts.

I stood beside the children as their tutor and an honoured guest of the kingdom to observe the reception of this Prince Haran.

The turban that he had put on was decorated with a sapphire the size of a quail’s egg, and the hair that was exposed under the turban was black as the desert night. Golden eye pupils were as the golden sand savaged from the Lunaz River, and his skin was as pale and smooth as ivory. His nose was straight but his lips were red almost as if he had cosmetics on. Even though his height was of medium range, he was still taller than me; and even though he looked thin, it did not feel as if he was weak of physical strength, but seemed to possess a soft but hidden strength.

Besides that, his entire body displayed an air of nobility and exotic charisma filled with a sense of drama – sigh, how disgusting! I truly hate this kind of flawlessly perfect studs.

Possessing such looks in addition to his status as a prince, it was little wonder that all girls would fall for him. Disgustingly, the legend of him rejecting over 1000 girls might even be true.

God was so unfair.

“Thank you very much for assenting to our request for landing in such a short period, and even inviting me to the house of the famed King of Eren. I must express my utmost gratitude here.”

Prince Haran expressed his thanks. Even though his voice was high, it was lurid and crisp.

Of course, he was nothing like me who stammered incoherently.

“Please do not say that. To be able to see for myself the legendary most charming single male in the world, I am the one who should be feeling honoured. I have heard that Prince Haran has visited every other country all over the world, so I am truly in admiration. I certainly hope there can be opportunity for me to listen to your tales of your travels.”

When it came to looks and charisma, King Cecello did not lose to Prince Haran. When He spoke, a pair of icy blue eyes glowed with the energy of youth.

The King… Was he a little too excited? I had always thought that he was a cringingly sappy romantic when it came to his wife, but it couldn’t be possible that he liked other men too? This was the type of prospects that would drive Anneth flying over.

Her Majesty was cuddling the baby Princess Suzuna with a warm smile on her face. Prince Ryuuju seemed to be nervously trying to maintain his dignity as the heir to the throne, his back straight and face frozen.

Prince Shin tugged at the Queen’s skirt with a dull look, his thoughts completely incomprehensible.

Seira had an icy expression as always…

King Cecello introduced His family members one by one.

“And, this is the family teacher of our children – “

When I was introduced, Prince Haran suddenly revealed a face of delight.



 Glinda… Did he mean me?

While Prince Haran faced both the King and the rest of the royal family, he had maintained a polite and dignified smile, but at this instant, he displayed an open-hearted and delighted smile,and directed his passionate and warm gaze towards me.

W, What? Why was he looking at me with that smiling face that seemed to say, “I’m so glad to meet you at last”?He just shouted out the name of Glinda, but I had never met this guy before.

“Oh, God! I never thought that I would see you again so soon.  It wasn’t really that long ago when we parted reluctantly in the sunset at the beach of Folsy.”

Folsy was a southern island also famed as a paradise on earth, as well as a famous haunt for the rich and famous.

For the me who was a NEET until half a year ago, there was definitely no way I would be in that type of high class locations, and most definitely impossible that it ‘wasn’t really that long ago’.

I could feel the blood seeming to freeze throughout my body.

Oh no, that must have been the real Glinda!

Since all this while I had been the family tutor to the royal family in Eren, there was no way I could have been to the far-southern Beach of Folsy ‘not that long ago’! If the King and the others were to ask about it, I would be doomed!

“Uh, y-y-y-y-y-yes, i-it really felt like it’s not really that long ago! But in fact, much time had already passed, even though it felt really like it was just a short while back!”

With cold sweat pouring down my body, I replied in a shrill voice.

“What? Glinda even know about Prince Haran?”

“But you didn’t even tell us about it!”

The twin princesses asked me in curiosity.

“I, I did not have the time to report that, a-a-a-a-a-and, it’s hardly appropriate for proper ladies to talk about their private matters!”

I fought to find a suitable excuse.

I was worried that Prince Haran would say “But we just parted last week”, or something like that. If he said it, I was sure that even my heart would skip out of my mouth.

But, Prince Haran just narrowed his beautiful and exotic golden eyes, revealing a look of euphoria towards ‘Glinda’, and said shyly:

“That’s right. When we parted, I felt so lonely that it’s difficult to endure, but it was as though a blink of an eye that you appear before me again, just like a dream coming true.”

Prince Ryuuju instantly lowered the corners of his lips.

Seira’s shoulder jumped nervously, staring at Prince Haran in suspicion.

But, I had no mind to consider the reaction of both of them, and could only stand rooted to my place with a twitching smile.

Sigh, what would happen from now?


That night, the palace organised a luxurious banquet to welcome the arrival of Prince Haran.

I was also forced into party clothes by maids, and made to attend the party despite my ulcer pains.

Even though I seemed to have been saying the same things continuously recently, a real disaster-r-r-r is c-c-comminggggg!!!!!

I had never dreamed that the handsome prince charming would recognize Glinda, and even seemed to be very close. If I were to be queried by him, there was no chance that I could remain hidden!

There was no one in Eren that had known about the real Glinda Doyle, and that was the reason I was able to hide my true identity here.

But, if it was someone who had seen the mysterious charm around the omnipotent girl-genius Glinda up close, he would definitely notice the oddity between her and me who was just a commoner.Even if we had the same face, nobody had ever confused between me and her sinceyoung.

Then again, what was Glinda doing in Folsy in the South? She couldn’t be having holiday there right?

She couldn’t have been lying on top of a beach-chair on the soft white sand, with a sun-shade spread while gazing on the endless horizon and sipping on a cocktail of Folsy wine and soft drinks with ice-cubes floating atop?

Or did she have an affair with the prince-charming over the entire summer?

No, Glinda was not the type who would have any affairs.

Holiday… felt implausible too… I could hardly imagine the sight of Glinda enjoying a sun-bath.

Then, what was she doing in Folsy?

And, where was she now?

Until now, we had not even discovered the reason behind Glinda’s departure after leaving a note, and knew not when she would come back, if she even had any desire to return.

Prince Haran seemed to have very good relationship with Glinda, and might even have news of her.

Of course, I knew that approaching Prince Haran hastily could be dangerous, but if there could be some clues about where Glinda had disappeared to…

I seemed to have been staring too intensely at Prince Haran who was flamboyantly standing out among all the top officials of Eren Kingdom.

“Glinda must have fallen for Prince Haran.”

“To meet again all of a sudden here, don’t you feel it is the providence of fate?”

Hearing such words from others, I immediately woke up from my thoughts.

The twin princesses who had put on identical party dresses were both staring at me with looks of curiosity.

“I, I-i-i-i-i-i-i-i had no such thoughts. How would that possibly be!”

“You don’t have to hide it!”

“Ya! Such a charming prince would no doubt make even Glinda fall in love. Even though it’s a pity for Big Bro Ryuuju, there’s no way he could beat the Prince.”

“Right! His opponent is not just handsome, but also has a great character, not to mention that Emperor Ismail must be the richest emperor in the world? This is too perfect. For someone like Prince Haran, only Lord Father can be compared against him.”

“Reuniting here with Glinda, Prince Haran seemed to be very happy too. Glinda, you might even become the Prince’s chosen bride.”

“Wow! That’s too amazing!”

The twin princesses cheerfully clapped their hands while they chatted.

I could feel Prince Ryuuju seeming to tighten his fists as he stared at me… There was also an icy cold air coming from the direction of Seira…

“I, I had no such desires, besides His Highness would never look at me.”

That’s right, this was the famous prince charming with numerous female followers.

Light-hearted melody played within the great hall and beautifully-clad ladies of the nobility flocked about the sides of Prince Haran, all looking as if seeking a hand in dancing.

Top officials were also executing their elaborate plans to advertise their own daughters, led by the most enthusiastic pot-bellied Minister Gaston. His clear and loud voice said:

“Our House’s young daughter Kathlyn has just reached 19, is both intelligent and talented. She is my precious treasure and is kept hidden till now because I don’t want to just give her away to any ordinary man – ah, no, it’s because her requirements are too high, so no other man has dared to take up the challenge. But if it’s Your Highness, we’d definitely send her over ourselves.”

He energetically announced.

“If you prefer someone younger than yourself, Your Highness may also consider my grand-daughter Jaina who’s three.”

Was that even legal?

Also, he kept sticking to the Prince, giving me no room to approach.

At this moment, the prince charming elegantly moved towards my direction from behind the crowd of people.

“Wow! Prince Haran is coming, Glinda!”

“This is the best opportunity, we’ll be rooting for you!”

“Huh? What?”

Prince Ryuuju clicked his tongue and Seira quietly drew in a breath.

“May I ask for a dance? Glinda?”

Prince Charming elegantly bowed towards me, extending a hand.

Every girl has dreamt of being ‘invited to a dance by a prince’, but for such a thing to happen to a boy like me!

Also, everyone was looking at us.

The ladies all around looked dejected while the top officials glared angrily at me. Minister Gaston had his face puffed red in anger while gnashing his teeth, looking very forbidding.

His Majesty revealed a sly slight smile while Her Majesty too seemed entranced with romance with bright colour rising on Her face and eyes.

The twin Princesses held their hands together and danced for joy, Prince Ryuuju opened his eyes widely as if in shock, Seira gripped her right wrist with her left hand tightly and her expression froze.

“A, Alright.”

I squeezed out a reluctant voice.

I must really give myself a pat on the back for not saying “All Bite” when trying to say “Alright”.

Prince Haran’s long fingers stabbed between mine, causing me to jump in a start.

His Highness gently pulled my hand, and elegantly led me in a dance.

“You, You dance… pretty good.”

“In my country, men do not dance in public with women, so I only learned this after I left my home-country.”

“Real, really? Even so, you’re still pretty skilled.”

Compared to the me who always stepped upon the feet of girls in a dance, Prince Haran miraculously compensated for my clumsy moves and flawlessly guided me in a way that was easy for me to follow.

I shyly directed my line of sight to the front to say his bright golden eyes looking right at me sweetly, displaying a light smile on his red well-shaped lips.

Whooooa! It’s far too dangerous to keep looking up at this Prince charming if even a man like me was getting his heartbeat pumping. Maybe even my period would be occurring soon if I stare anylonger…

No, now’s not the time to be nervous! I should be asking him about Glinda!

“T, That… w, what did we talk about in Folsy?”

I accidentally tripped my foot on the hems of my skirt, and nervously held my breath while I asked.

Prince Haran’s eyes continued to emit a bright honeyed sparkle.

“We talked about our dreams.”


“Yes. We talked about the world that exists beyond this world that we live on, where it is possible to turn the impossible to possible. As we listen to the sound of the waves, our hearts held unimaginable longing, discussing that we would advance towards that kingdom one day.”

“… Turn the impossible to possible?”

I did not seem to understand these words.

Had not Glinda, who thus far had been known as the omnipotent genius, been able to turn every impossible thing to possible?

She was born with immeasurable talents and power, so what else was there for her to pursue?

That Glinda, was there even anything that she could not do?

A kingdom where dreams can be fulfilled?

Another world?

“T, That, where is this kingdom then?”

Had Glinda left for that place already?

Hearing my question, Prince Haran suddenly revealed a face of regret, saying:

“I don’t know where that could be…I have been searching for that place until now. But to be able to encounter someone with the same goal as I, to converse about each other’s ambitions, has lit up a fire of hope within me. I felt that… I am not really alone.”

His voice was interspersed with hesitations from worry, but maintained its gentle and steady tone. His eyes both lit up with warmth and charm.

I could clearly feel that, His Highness valued highly his encounter with Glinda.

The fingers that held onto mine also increased in strength and warmth.

“That was an indescribable calm and precious moment. Glinda was completely different from every single girl that I have met in the past. It was the first time that I have encountered a lady who is both strong and beautiful, possessing of such indomitable spirit.That encounter was truly the blessing of God-Father Sharra, and the great Sharra has once again gifted me with the opportunity to meet with you here.”

Prince Haran’s voice and eyes became even more intense.

Following the lead of Prince Haran, my evening dress swirled and swayed, my heart speeding up with every spin and my head spinning in confusion.

The opposite side was conveying his intention with such clear words and expression that even a monkey could understand.

Prince Haran had fallen in love with ‘Glinda’.

He considered the coincidental reunion as the arrangement of fate.

Whoa, what a headache!

When I came around, I discovered that we had arrived at an empty balcony.

Ah! When did that happen?

It was probably when we were dancing that we slowly approached this place.

I was dumbstruck by the way that he managed to speedily and smoothly guide his female partner without rousing any suspicion.

But, the thing that would alarm me more was yet to come.

The noble prince of the desert kingdom knelt before me. My goodness!

Using a voice brimming with honest emotions, he said to me who had become completely frozen:

“You are the ideal partner that I had been looking for all this time. Please come back with me to my country and be my bride.”



Become his bride… me?

How could this be haaaaaaaaaapppeeennning!

My insides were screaming such.

Then, I frantically replied:

“W, W-wait! Glinda is the one you like, right? Even though I am Glinda, I am also not Glinda…”

Sigh, this would definitely be impossible for him to understand. But, if I were to tell the truth, I would be imprisoned for deceiving the royal family.

But I most definitely could not become Prince Haran’s bride, least of all because he was mistaken about my identity.

As I was confused over what to do next, Prince Haran straightened his face, directing his exotic gold-coloured eyes towards me.

“No, you are not Glinda.”


“I am proposing to you, Sher-chan.”

I could not help but suspect my own ears.

… Sher-chan?

His lips which were so red that they seemed to be dyed in lipstick had actually uttered my own name.

The prince continued to gaze right into the me who was holding my breath in surprise, and then announced calmly:

“I am… a girl.”

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