Side Story 2: Anneth’s day off ~ A prince that looks so much like you

Updated 12th June 2017

“God, please let me be on time!”

I placed the original translation on the blog and hugged my laptop while dashing down the town’s sidewalk.

To meet this deadline, I had purposely taken leave home to rush the translation. Wouldn’t it be a total let-down if I were to miss it now~~~~

When I rushed around a street corner, however, I bumped head-on with another who was also rounding it in a hurry.


“Wah! Sorry!”

The one who bumped into me apologised immediately.

But I had no time to care about that. Unfortunately, my laptop dropped onto the ground and the translation began to delete.

Ahhhhhh! My Dress Boku Vol 1!

I could care less about dirtying my skirt as I knelt over to fix the laptop in a hurry.

Just then, the other person also began to fix the laptop for me as well. Waaaaah! That’s no good!

I loved to discuss about LN with traps with people of similar interests, and would not be shy to go even deeper into the juicier details if the others were just as enthusiastic.

But, even I knew what most people’s opinions were of my translations.

“T-that, it’s alright.”

This person seemed really nice, but please, just pretend that you had not seen anything and depart from here!

“No, it’s my fault entirely for bumping into you in a hurry.”

“I am at fault too, for not being careful when rounding the corner. There’s no need to help me fix my laptop.”

“How can I just leave like that?”

Ahhhh, really too friendly~~~~ please don’t bother about me~~~~

Just then, the person suddenly stopped.

His eyes were fixated on a piece of the translation, frozen.

My face burnt up immediately.

Had he seen it? Had he discovered that this was a translated light novel?

My face and neck gradually heated up as I became so embarrassed that I almost cried out.

“I-it’s really alright… I can fix it all on my own.”

I furiously continued type at the laptop while murmuring. Disgusting, even my eye lids were heating up… really wanna cry…

At that instant, the other boy began to rapidly click the touch-pad at a much, much quicker rate. He had been doing so seriously just now too, but now he was going so fast that I could almost see afterimages.


Why was he so desperate to help me out?


Just then a four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage approached, and I 'accidentally' pushed the guy into its path.

(To be continued)

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Side Story 2: Anneth’s day off ~ A prince that looks so much like you

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