Chapter 4: Teacher, do you not know even these kinds of things?

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“Then, to gauge your current knowledge, I have decided to give you a simple test.”

I ignored the protests of Princesses Sarasa and Orie and set a stack of test papers on the table, all while a sickly pallor and sweating profusely.

This was the first day of my pretending to be my famed, genius twin sister and taking on her role of as the tutor to the royal family in Eren Kingdom.

Right until this morning was I still feeling optimistic, thinking that even a failed college-entry exam student like me should be capable of teaching kids between 5 to 11 years old.


“Teacher, why do you cross-dress?”

The eldest Princess who seemed to have been lying in wait for me along the corridor stared coldly at me and asked with a calm voice.

I was shocked into taking a step backwards, nearly falling over.

She had discovered that I am male? So had she really discovered THAT part of me when I knocked my head against the bathtub?

“W-w-w-w-what, what can you possibly mean? To suspect that I’m not a girl just because I am flat, it is so hurtful. I have been a woman ever since I was born, uhohoho.”

I tried to laugh it away.

“Sorry, but to maintain health and a shapely body, I have a habit of running in the morning!”

So saying, I fled as if flying.

Due to my shorted nerves, I ran all around the palace and nearly got lost.

During breakfast, I sat and ate with the royal family, but Princess Seria’s eyes seemed to be appraising me all the time, making me hard to swallow.

“Is this not to Teacher Glinda’s taste?” The Queen in maid costume asked me anxiously (it seemed that the Queen Mother had prepared breakfast herself).

“N-No, I am just testing a diet supplement and collecting data, so this morning I have to limit my food intake.”

I gave some random excuse.

“Is that so? But Teacher looks pretty unwell, and keeps sweating.”

“Must have been the side-effects of the medication, ohoohoo…”

Princess Seira kept looking at our exchange with sage-like eyes.

Until even now.

Uwwwuu, she was still here, staring at me, staring… staring without changing direction for even an instance…

I laid down the stack of test papers, doing my utmost to avoid meeting the eldest princess’ gaze.

What should I do if she suddenly jumped up and said, “This person’s a man, not Ms Glinda.”?

My brain was filled with the terrifying headlines of “Broken alliance, Political criminal, Deceiver of the Royal family”, and I nearly broke down into pieces.

Peeked slightly around…

Whoa! She’s still staring!

If only I had been a masochistic lolicon, this might had turned out to be an ideal situation. Then, perhaps I would be very excited at being forced to cross-dress and coldly glared at by a purple-eyed, silver haired young girl who was as lovely as a western doll.

Unfortunately, I prefer cute ordinary girls of sixteen to seventeen.

So, in the face of Princess Seira’s silent interrogation, my weak intestines would just cringe.

Ohhh, what could she possibly be thinking about? Probably silently cursing “This cross-dressing pervert” from the bottom of her heart. Uwwuuu, ooooh, please stop glaring at me.

I felt as if I had become the pathetic Emperor Ludwig the Second who got dragged before court on charges of seducing his minister’s wife. Right, that Emperor seemed to have choked to death on a crab bun in prison.

Ahhh, this was no time to be sharing useless historical anecdotes!

Right, I should just concentrate on the maths lesson.

Within the nursery with brightly illuminated window curtains and wall-paper, the desk was seated with not just Princess Seira, but also those twin Princesses Sarasa and Orie, their elder brother Prince Ryuuju, and the young Prince Shin.

The twins were currently sulking unhappily due to their protests against the pop-test being rejected; Prince Ryuuju tightened his lips and refused to look at me; and Prince Shin looked sleepy as usual today.

The test-papers had been prepared by Helmut, with the difficulty levels adjusted according to their age. Helmut had a “sincere” smile on his face as he explained that it would be a trivial task to just pretend to teach by pointing out the problems that the children had difficulty in.

Princess Seira lowered her head and began to start writing.

I let out a breath of relief.

My heart continued to hammer like a drum against my chest. Muah, this was no condition to be teaching normally. But should I say anything wrong by mistake, my fake identity as Glinda might be unveiled. 

I gave a reluctant smile.

“If there’s anything that seems too hard, you can just ask me.”

Seeing the tensed back and overly-serious face of Prince Ryuuju attempting each question, I walked behind him and said kindly.

“Is anything the matter, Prince Ryuuju?”

Prince Ryuuju violently retreated causing his chair to rock loudly. He frowned red-faced and glared at me in guard.

“D-don’t stand behind me!”

“… Sorry.”

“A-a-a-a-and, isn’t your collar cut a little too low? Ladies should not expose too much of their skin!”

Most likely it had been due to my falling atop of him in the corridors last night, he seemed to have taken me completely for a female pervert. Then again, was this what a child who just reached 11 years old would say? Strange?

Prince Ryuuju’s test script was filled in words and numbers as teeny as an insect, making me wonder “is there really such a need to be so serious about it?” It exhibited his earnestness and meticulousness.

“Really, Elder Brother Ryuuju is too mindful of Glinda ~~~!”

“That’s right, even his face has become swollen red. Could it be love at first sight?”

The Princess Sarasa and Orie teased their Elder Brother.

“P-preposterous! There’s no such thing! I just felt that she should not be overdressed to teach…”

“Oh really? Elder Brother Ryuuju must have been concentrating so much at Glinda’s chest that he can’t think of anything else?”

“N-no way!”

Prince Ryuuju’s flushed face blazed, and his frown deepened.

I couldn’t help but cover my chest. Due to the low-cut collar, I feared for my pads to be discovered.

“See? Even Glinda feels uncomfortable all over from your stares!”

“T-there’s no such thing!”

“No! I have absolutely no interest in your chest!”

“Y-yes, sorry, but it seems like all my clothes have low-cut collars…”

That Helmut, why did he only prepare clothes that could so easily expose my male identity? Was this a part of his extremely low-classed taste? If it was someone else who was wearing this, maybe I too would enjoy the view. But to put it on myself… Uwuuwuu…

Twin princesses danced about like a pair of birds.

“It had to be in-fashion to wear low-cut this year! Winstoria Empire after all is the world-centre of culture and fashion!”

“That’s right, Orie.”

The two of them held each other’s hands overly excitedly. It was just last night that they had been weeping from being spanked. What a quick restoration… ah, well. But both your scripts were still blank!

“Humph! Who cares about fashion. Rather than wasting time on make-up, it’s more important to discipline the insides.”

Prince Ryuuju declared un-amusedly.

“Ha! No matter how good your inside is, if your outward appearance is crappy, nobody would even approach you, and there won’t even be any chance to show off your good points!”

“Sarasa’s right! Besides, the pursuit of fashion and beauty is every girl’s inborn character. If Big Brother Ryuuju remains so ignorant of the hearts of women, it would be difficult later when you actually inherit the throne. For example, when dealing with the king of another kingdom, which is more effective as gifts, precious stones for the opponent’s wife or lovers? Right, Sarasa?”

“Telling me to resort to bribery? I absolutely refuse! It’s because of people like you two that politics becomes so seedy! How can women be allowed into the sacred task of managing a country!”

“You are so gullible, Big Bro Ryuuju! Creatures known as men have absolutely no means of refusing if a beautiful lady is to flirtatiously ask him ‘Pleeaaasee?’ ~~ ”

“Nah, Sarasa. Big Bro Ryuuju who becomes shy from merely looking at Glinda’s chest can’t even be considered a man yet.”

“W-w-what! I am not shy! And I have said so earlier, I have no interest in chest!”

“There’s no need to hide it, for someone as pure as Big Bro Ryuuju: your heart is written on your face.”

“Shut up! Sarasa! Orie!”

This group of kids made a non-stop din.

Prince Ryuuju had obviously become a toy to the twin Princesses, and as a male personally, I could not help but empathise with him. Girls were certainly eloquent or precocious… Even while I was in elementary school, I was often teased by the girls in my class…

“T-that, exam is still in progress. Please be quiet and answer your scripts.”

I warned while shaken, and the Princesses Sarasa and Orie replied adorably in unison.


Prince Ryuuju turned red when he heard this, probably because he felt that he should have been setting an example for his younger siblings, but just added to the din instead. Embarrassed at his actions, he shook his head angrily and continued his test.

But the twins started chatting again not long after.

“Ask you something, Glinda, what hairstyle is currently in fashion at Winstoria Empire right now?”

“Have you watched the new show by Bilger Bauer? Did the actress playing the elven queen really descended from the sky?”

“Is the Emperor of Winstoria Empire handsome?”

“Disgusting! Sarasa just loves old uncles! I want to know about the Prince of Winstoria Empire. Heard that he is about our age, so what is the colour of his eyes and hair?”

“Muah, boys of the similar age are just children, I’m certainly not interested. Men must be strong, intelligent and reliable, just like our Lord Father.”

“Lord Father is exceptional.”

“Does Orie think so too?”

“Of course.”

“Oh, Glinda, that accessary looks so pretty.”

“Is that a gift of your boyfriend?”

“How many boyfriends do you have (as in, right now)?”

The two of them bombarded me with mature question.

Prince Ryuuju screamed in impatience.

“Quiet! Boyfriends and whatnots are so pointless! Before looking for men, you should just pick up the education and character befitting of daughters of royalty!”

“Alright, continue your exams.”

I said to defuse the outburst.

Was this called teaching? Wasn’t this more like being a nanny? I was beginning to have gastric pains when…

“… Teacher.”


Being called at by this calm voice sent a chill up my spine.

“I have completed the problems.”

“Huh? So quickly?”

“It’s boring to idle around, so many I read my book?”

“P-please do so.”

Princess Seira opened her ancient tome.

Right, she had been holding onto the book for a while now, just what was inside of it?

I carelessly peeked over…


And froze over.

W-what! The book was covered in equations and ancient writings! There was practically no empty page, and the words-filled paper was a wicked black from the ink, un-undecipherable at all!

“Ha… Hahaha… What book could this possibly be?”

I asked with a dry laugh, and Princess Seira casually replied.

“… The Mathematical Theorems from ancient Anabel civilization.”

“I-is that so, the Anabel civilization huh, that’s the one with pyramids and animalism, right? I was thinking was that really the one, hahaha… C-can you understand it?”

“… Yes. Because the grammar isn’t really that different from modern tongues. The theorems that Ophelit put forth 2000 years ago is still so applicable today, how marvellous.”

 “… O-ophelit… That’s the legendary ancient genius huh… hahaha… ya, yeah that’s true… So you can really read these ancient texts so easily…”

Was I not here simply just to teach 5 to 11 year olds?

Helmut said that, just like teaching at an elementary school, even a college-exam failure like me could easily take on this task.

I had heard nothing about the eldest Princess knowing how to read ancient texts and even casually discuss Ophelit’s theorems!

W-what should I do? If she asked me any questions…

“Teacher, regarding Ophelit’s proposal…”

As if observing my reactions, Princess Seira stared at me with her purple crystal-like eyes, pointing to a line of mathematics with her thin finger.

Not good!

“Prrrrrrrriiiiinnnncceee Shin!”

I screamed, turning to look at the youngest Prince Shin.

“Is there anything that confused Prince Shin?”

What if even Prince Shin was a genius that could speak in fluent ancient tongues and easily formulate a pile of equations?

But, Prince Shin was kneading clay.

He did not look like he was playing, but with the concentrating expression of a craftsman at work, was seriously kneading the clay.

“…Prince Shin?”


“What are you doing?”

“… Secret.”

“… Is that so? Then go ahead”


He sombrely nodded.

Fueh… Luckily he was no genius.

But… For a child of 5 to emit an air of a craftsman and knead clay with a serious face… That was a little out of the ordinary…

What an awkward atmosphere.

Prince Ryuuju completed his test, the twin princesses just said nonchalantly, “I did work hard, it’s just that I really don’t know the answer ~”, “Orie feels the same. ~“

How horrid, if this was the result of the first day alone, Glinda’s rating would definitely drop, and Princess Seira might even say, “This Teacher is obviously an imitation! Unbelievable! How horrible!” Then, if they let their King Father learn of it, I might even be executed… Noooo! I must heat up the atmosphere!

“T-then, I would mark the papers later. Everyone, let’s have a game!”

Hearing my desperate proposal, the children froze.

“Glinda, what game do you want to play?”

“Board games.”

Ten minutes later, a stack of board games from the Winstoria Empire was laid on the carpet of the nursery.

These were gifts to the King of Eren, all custom crafted by famed artists and could be considered pieces of art.

“Wow! There’re so many stars on this one here, so pretty~”

“This one is called “The Journey of stars”. Oh, so romantic.”

“This one is called “Exploring Lost History”, it’s to hunt treasures from ancient ruins around the world!”

Princesses Sarasa and Orie looked at the game-boards with eyes sparkling.

“The Winstoria Empire has many board-games for educational purposes, and children of the Empire learn about history, astronomy and morals from these board games.”

“How interest ~ So, which board game should we play?”

“This one, “Princess Flora’s conversations – Within the Forest of Philosophy” looks fun; it’s to guide Princess Flora and Charming Philosopher on their discussion on philosophy and romance, to become the 1st female pope in the world.”

“Oh… That… That looks like it has been aimed towards teenage girls, it may be a little too early for Your Highnesses…”

I seemed to have remembered many scenes of kissing and hugging, contentious scenarios… say, why were such things mixed in here?

“I am not going play such childish board games.”

Prince Ryuuju crossed his arms about his chest and turned away.

I bent over to persuade him.

“Don’t say that, at least have a try. Keeping in touch with the culture of other countries is a good experience for Princes too. I recommend “The Coloured History of the World”, and “Shaking the World ~Creation of Land and Skies”, “I will be an Agricultural King!”, “Path of the Great King”…”

“… Great King?”

Prince Ryuuju’s shoulders jumped violently.

“Yes, this game teaches step by step the politics, experiences and trials, to become a Great King.”

“I-is that so, then I would try playing a little…”

He replied with a blush.

What should I say… this child was so pure.

“Then let’s play “Path of the Great King”.”

Princesses Sarasa and Orie complained unhappily that “Aww, that’s so boring.”, “Let’s play more romantic games”, but I consoled them with “I will let you choose the next time.”

Sigh, I had totally become a nanny.

Princess Seira still stared straight at me, as if observing.

“P-princess Seira, would you like to join us?”

I asked her stiffly.

“… Alright.”

She calmly answered as if somewhat unhappily.

I asked Prince Shin the same question.


He merely nodded in silence.

Uwuwuwu… why was it that these siblings were either too noisy or too quiet… so extreme…

That said, we somehow managed to begin our board game.

We spread out the colourful game board on the carpet, and everyone sat on the ground in a circle.

“First, we throw two dice and add their numbers together.”

“Six.” Said Prince Ryuuju.

“Mine’s three.” Princess Sarasa said.

“Mine’s eight.” Princess Orie said.

“… Four.” Princess Seria said.


“Oh, Prince Shin threw a Ten. Then, counting from the highest to lowest we decide the starting points of everyone, Prince Shin’s is “Palace”, Princess Orie’s is “Church”, Prince Ryuuju’s is “Martial-arts Hall”, Princess Seira’s is “Stables” and Princess Sarasa’s is “Wolf’s Den”. Please place your game-pieces dolls at their respective starting areas.”

 I handed everyone their porcelain doll game-pieces.

“Tsk… Why am I in the Wolf’s Den? What is the Wolf’s Den anyway! And this doll’s hair is so messy, with such a fierce expression, not cute at all!”

Princess Sarasa said unhappily.

“That’s because the doll’s character had been abandoned as a baby in the woods, and was raised by wolves.”


“My doll is clad in a white, so elegant.”

“Princess Orie’s character has been abandoned as a baby behind the church’s altar.”

“Why is everyone an abandoned child? What about Shin’s “Palace”?”

“That character is a Prince born inside of the Palace.”

“Huh! Only Shin’s so fortunate! Unfair! And I am even brought up by wolves, so unfair!”

“Hey, why is my doll’s hair tied with ribbons? This is obviously a girl!”

Prince Ryuuju was also displeased.

“That’s because Prince Ryuuju’s character is a daughter in the Martial Arts house.”

“What did you say?”

“… Teacher, what about me?” Princess Seira looked at me and asked monotonously.

I fearfully replied.

“Uh, Princess Seira’s character is the child of a travelling troupe, born in the stable of a nearby village while returning from performances somewhere.”

“… Is that so.” She coolly replied.

There was no clue on her face over whether she liked or disliked her character.

“Then let’s begin! Aright, Prince Shin, please throw the dice first.”

I faked an optimistic air, and worked hard to overturn the disappointed atmosphere.

“Three! Please move forward three steps. Ok, a choice question: To celebrate the Prince’s birthday, the ministers brought a Book of Law while the knights’ captain brought a beautiful Sword. Please choose one among them?”

“What, choose only one? So stingy!”

“Isn’t the Prince just born? How can he decide for himself?”

Princesses Sarasa and Orie scoffed in order.

“Muah, it is just a game. So, Prince Shin? Which would you choose?”

“… Big.”

“… That would be the Sword.”

The doll in a cape moved forward.

Next was the turn of Princess Orie who grew up in the Church and the dice rolled a Four.

“Ok, Princess Orie also had a choice question: The clergy prepared Wheat Bread and Cake, which would you choose to eat?”

“Cake, of course.”

“There’s another question: Just when you are about to eat, a hungry child entered, would you feed the child or eat it yourself?”

“Eat it myself, of course.”

Like this, everyone advanced through the game.

Princess Sarasa who grew up in the Wolf’s Den seemed to keep encountering choice questions like: “A Rabbit and a Wild Boar were ahead, which animal will you hunt for tonight’s dinner?”, “In the forest, an armoured knight lies dying, help him or bite him?”; These types of scenarios.

Prince Ryuuju’s Daughter of Martial Arts on the other hand kept encountering questions such as: ”A young knight comes inn-trashing, duel him?” To which he puffed out his chest and said: ”Of course.” Then, the follow-up choices were: “You and the knight fell head-over-heels in love, elope with the knight?”

“I am a dignified Prince! Why would I fall in love and elope with any random man! Isn’t the goal of this board game to become a Great King!?!”

Prince Ryuuju said in exasperation.

I could totally understand his point of view, being a man myself. Why would anyone want to tie ribbons on his hair, and romance with other men…

Thinking about my cross-dressing self, I could not help but empathise with him.

Princess Seira expressionlessly moved her game-piece doll which represented the attractive youth of a travelling troupe.

“A corrupt noble of many evils wishes to see your dance. Dance? Or unsheathe your dagger?”

“… Dance.”

“What kinds of dance? Loach Dance or Sword-Dance?”

“… Loach Dance.”

Her replies were always cold.

It was a drastic difference from the twins Princesses and their Elder Brother who made a din every time that they threw the dice, their expressions changing wildly… though one could also say the same of Prince Shin, who seemed to be idling right from the start.

Anyway, Prince Ryuuju and the rest seemed completely engrossed in the game, and by now, it was revealed that the youth who had been brought up by wolves and the one found in the church were in fact twin brothers born of a noble house that had been executed for rebellion.

“Elder Brother Sarasa!”

“Orie! My Little Brother!”

The two of them hugged each other happily in play.

Prince Shin’s character who was supposed to be the heir to the throne simply rotated eating and sleeping each day in indolence. About this time, the love-troubled but diligently-training Martial Artist Girl (Prince Ryuuju) showed up to become a bodyguard knight to the prince, all while encountering a never-ending train of issues surrounding her love-life.

“Why are ALL my choices between ‘LOVE or WORK’, ‘LOVE or HONOUR’, ‘LOVE or GLORY’?!? Is LOVE the only thing that can be weighed on the scales?”

Prince Ryuuju shouted with a face puffed in red, but continued to diligently select ‘WORK’, ‘HONOUR’ to advance his status.

The youths from the Church and the Wolf’s Den raised a rebellion with their statuses as the heirs of the Duke’s house.

In the midst of all this, Princess Seira’s young actor moved towards the heart of the country via flattering powerful officials and nobles, becoming even a close aide to the Prince, turning the Prince into his puppet and taking power by means of cloak and dagger.

What was wrong with this board game! Where did these scary scenarios come from! I should have known better and chosen the safer-sounding “Scenes of World History”!

That was apparent when Princess Seira was asked: “Loyally serve the Prince? Or serve Him with ulterior motives?”, the manner in which she calmly answered: “… with ulterior motives.”, was truly terrifying.

If this Prince did not come around soon, He might even end up like the Eighth King of Romancia, Louis the Second who was brought before the guillotine by his own close-aide!

But Prince Shin just continued his rotatory eating-and-sleeping lifestyle. Sigh… He was really shaping-up into the path of the useless ruler.

As the story went on, the Martial-Arts-Girl-turned-Knight encountered her Destiny.

In fact, the girl had been the illegitimate child of the King, and the younger sister of the Prince from a different mother!

Even though this was a ludicrous scenario, the young girl became the Kingdom’s 2nd heir-to-the-throne, even leading the country into victory against the rebels and becoming a great hero.

“Wait a second! Doesn’t that make us the Bad Guys?”

“Ya! How frustrating!”

“That is the path you two have chosen. If you have chosen virtue, putting the commoners before self, you would have naturally gained their support.”

Prince Ryuuju puffed out his chest in satisfaction.

“No matter where the starting point is, the one with royal dignity would ultimately be seated on the throne.”

He seemed to have forgotten about all the dismay he previously encountered, smiling satisfactorily. This innocence so befitting of his age was so adorable. En, even though he was a Prince, he was still a pure ordinary boy.

Prince Ryuuju was not far off from the finishing line. Fight!

But the King suddenly passed on, and rebels attacked the capital.

The young Heroine was about to lead troops when, at this moment, Princess Seira stepped in.

She accused the birthplace of the Heroine as the base of the rebels and persuaded the puppet-prince to send soldiers to attack it.

“Hey! What are you doing! Seira!”

Prince Ryuuju stood frowning.

Princess Seira stared at him coldy and said calmly.

“… I am merely making the ‘right choice’.”

Whoa!~~~ What a cold expression! Her words and expression were nothing like a 9 year old child, how terrifying. I had heart-felt pity for Prince Ryuuju.

“… It is Elder Brother Ryuuju’s turn to throw the dice.”


Prince Ryuuju had a severe expression as he threw the dice.


Great! He would make it to the finishing line this turn!

But, before he could advance, he was given yet another choice.

“Uh, would you lead your troops to your birthplace? Or to the Capital?”

Prince Ryuuju jumped in fright, shut his lips and clenched his fists. Whoa, he was really thinking hard.

If he went to the Capital and defeat the rebels, he would receive support from the populace and become the King.

If he returned to his hometown, he would be accused of rebellion and be wounded in an attack, sitting out two turns.

Going to the Capital would be the ‘right choice’ in the words of Princess Seira, and perhaps this was to illustrate some of the necessary sacrifices a King would have to eventually make for greater good.

But, it was too cruel to make a child choose such choices.

Was this board game really made for kids? Why would there be such psychologically damaging choice questions within? If it was like this, even winning the game would not bring happiness. Why the crabbage did you send such a serious board game? Helmut!

Prince Ryuuju tightened his fists in deep concentration, chewing his lips and looking extremely pained.

Ohoh, this child was being too serious!

“That, Prince Ryuuju? It is just a little game, please relax yourself.”

I worriedly adviced, but he asked gravely:

“If I were to go to the Capital, would my hometown’s people be all slaughtered as rebels?”

“Er, that may not always be the case, besides this is just a game.”

What a headache. As a teacher, what was I supposed to say at this point of time?

Princess Seira stared straight into me. Uwuwu… so pressurising.

At this time, one of the twin princesses said impatiently:

“Aya! Big Bro Ryuuju is overthinking things! Glinda is right, it’s just a game, so hurry up and go to the finishing line!”

One of the twins, Princess Sarasa, or maybe it was Princess Orie, got up and grabbed Prince Ryuuju’s doll.

“Ok, Five, right? Finishing line~!”

She ended the game all on her own.

“Whoa~~~ Sarasa! What are you doing? The people in my hometown…”

“Humph! Anyway since the doll has reached the finishing point, the game has ended. As promised, this time let us choose a romantic board game!”

“Y-You…  No way! That move doesn’t count! I must restart!”

“Ara, really, let’s just consider this Big Bro Ryuuju’s win.”

“Sarasa agrees! Being a King is so boring; I absolutely don’t want to become one.”

“That’s right, whoever says he wants to become a king must have no dreams at all.”

“Don’t insult the duties of a King! Don’t run away with my doll! Return it at once, Sarasa!”

“Don’t waaannaaa~~”

Princess Sarasa playfully stuck out her tongue towards Prince Ryuuju while tugging his doll tightly in her chest. The latter rushed towards her with a huff.

“Whoa! No fighting!”

I hastily leaped over in order to jump between the two of them, but tripped and fell.



I fell atop of Prince Ryuuju.

The Prince Ryuuju crushed under me looked abashed and angry, reddened and trembling from head to toe.

“Ah! Glinda is sooo daring!”

“It must have felt great to be pushed over by Glinda, Big Bro Ryuuju!”

The twins’ cheers made the stricken Prince Ryuuju widen his eyes.

“N-No! This is just an accident! I-i-i-i-i-i-I have absolutely no perverted intentions…”

I stammered out an explanation.

“Impudent fellow! Go away!”

Prince Ryuuju screamed in rage.

Sigh, what a mess.

If this was just the first day of my lessons, how would I ever be able to handle being these children’s private tutor?

Princess Seira continued to simply stare coldly at the frightened me.


Fue, class was finally over.

Afternoon, I returned to my room, and, once alone, threw myself in abandon onto the bed.

A mere short three hours, and yet my body felt as if it had endured three long years.

“I’ve had enough ~~~ Muah, I said I can’t be a private tutor~~~ Helmut, when would you be coming back?!?”

I no longer wished to cross-dress into this stifling, ridiculous dress.

Princess Seira had discovered the truth, and kept giving an accusatory glare as if to say “You, pervert!”, not to mention that my job as a tutor turned into a mess, with Prince Ryuuju hating my guts, the twin Princesses not bothering about anything I said, and Prince Shin staring in idle…

As I thought, there was something wrong with making a man like me to pretend to be Glinda.

Was it not said that Winstoria Empire’s Intelligence Agency was so professional that they could locate Glinda in just 3 to 4 days? Was that fellow who just dumped me here and escaped back home really reliable?

Maybe I was abandoned since a long time ago…

Would I have to stay here as a cross-dressing pervert for the rest of my life? Must I shave my legs as long as I live?

As I mulled over my worries, my stomach began to twist and turn in unrest and tears started to flow tragically.

“Uwwwuwu… Come back quickly! Helmut!”

As I grasped the bed sheets and cried into it, a sound suddenly came from within the room.

“Excuse me, but do you happen to be lovers with Lord Helmut?”

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