Chapter 1: Part1: The RomCom days of Sherlock Dolye ~ Please LISTEN to me!

Updated: 27th June 2017

Recently, I became known by titles such as “Succubus”, “Pope of Romance”, “Empress of Love” in the capital.

I heard that Jerome of the Knights Company has fallen in love with Ms Glinda. For that self-absorbed narcissistic pretty-boy to actually become enamoured by Lady Glinda, even kneeling and pleading ,’please accept my love!’”

Even His Highness Prince Ryuuju who’s going to inherit the thrown has become smitten by Lady Glinda, even asking her, ‘please be my personal private tutor only for the rest of my life!’”

Isn’t His Highness only 11 years old? How can even such a young boy be ensnared by love, as expected of Lady Glinda.”

I’ve always thought that she doesn’t seem to fit her rumoured title , like, she’s so ordinary-looking and plain, but it’s pretty much established now that she can attract men at the critical moment, using… what’s the name for it… ?”

Looks like the omnipotent genius is a genius at love too.

Such words floated into my ears in the midst of the hot, humid summer breeze, heating up my sensitive cheeks right up to the roots of my ears.

Why! Why was a guy like me known by titles such as “Femme Fatale”, “Succubus”, and “Have toyed with over 1000 men”?!?

To seduce 1000 men, I had to be like the legendary Lovely Princess Celende of Romancia Kingdom 300 years ago – who collapsed seas of suitors just by a single peek from behind her fan – that level of power!

There’s got to be some mistake; I was not some human weapon of mass destruction!

Chasing back to the origin of such rumours, we had to return to Lana’s Day last week.

On this festive day which it was said that the Love Goddess Lana would grant the wishes of hopeful couples (but considered by lonely single guys to be “whatever, you guys are just looking for an excuse to celebrate anyway”- that kind of day), I received the love confessions of His Highness Prince Ryuuju, the heir-to-throne of Eren Kingdom, and Sir Jerome of the Knights Company at the same time.

-- D-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-don’t misunderstand!

Prince Ryuuju denied loudly while blushing so bright red that it was impossible to fail to see his true intent.

His eyes spilled over with the complete seriousness of a young boy in love, as he passed me the small box containing the Lana’s Day present (even wrapped neatly with ribbon) to me.

 -- This is my heart!

These were Jerome’s words. He had spent 3 months’ worth of his salary to craft a golden hand bracelet decorated with a ruby, and forced it on my wrist.

I was utterly flabbergasted.

Throughout my life of seventeen years, I had never been this popular. In fact, the target of my 1st love Clarice asked: “Who might you be? What? You are in the same class as me? Sorry,but I can’t seem to recognize you~”

Besides saying that, she added.

“Sorry~Sher-chan~You feel like air– totally not a target of my consideration.”

Then added.

“You are such a nice guy (or some simplified form of it).”

Anyway, I was always getting rejected. Even before coming to the Eren Kingdom, I had just been ditched outright by Fleury of the neighbourhood bakery.

Now, on the other hand, I was getting confessed to by 2 persons at the same time!

Had the time finally come for the RomCom of my life to begin?

But the situation was not so simple that I could just clap my hands for joy.

Because even though I was still wearing a puffy dress and lace-embroidered western skirt, there was an undeniable man beneath the skirt. 

Glinda, who was famed as an omnipotent genius, was also my twin elder sister.

She managed to enter Winstoria Empire’s Imperial College as the top scholar at the age of seven with full marks for the entry examination,and then graduated the following year. Naturally with her unrivalled knowledge in politics, economics, arts and sciences or even military strategies, she was crowned the treasure of the Winstoria Empire.

This spring, Glinda had been assigned to the allied Eren Kingdom as the home tutor of the royal family.

Yet, the day before she was supposed to come to Eren, Glinda actually disappeared.

This situation could possibly bring about fractures between our two allied countries – thus the black-hearted diplomat explained with a scheming friendly smile, before forcing me to put on a suffocating corset and western gown, and then sending me, Sherlock Dolye, to the palace of the Eren Kingdom as a replacement for Glinda.

All these were, of course, top secret information.

Should my true identity be uncovered, there would be bound to be international issues, and I might even be captured and executed as a criminal that deceived the royalty.

So, all that I could do was to desperately fight to maintain my fake identity, at least until Glinda returned.

But there was no way I could have predicted that I would be confessed to directly by men!

And one of them was even my student, and an heir to the throne of Eren.

Even this very moment, this heir-to-the-throne had a face flushed in embarrassment, gritting his teeth, and appeared from behind a pillar.


In this country where the population primarily had blond hair and blue eyes, this straight-laced and pure-hearted boy of 11 had rare black hair and deep blue eyes. Not having reached pubity meant that his stature was smaller and thinner than even me.

“T-that… This morning’s lesson, Glinda mentioned that a 10-year war broke out between Rubinia and Winstoria because Rubinia’s queen and the empress of Winstoria were both showing off their favourite pets, and that their competition got out of hand. That is certainly an overly simplified look at how things actually went, but it is actually pretty interesting. Normal scholars probably won’t even have thought about such things.”

“Uwuu… It’s alright, I guess? (ActuallyI had just randomly pulled a story from my favorite < Historical Gossipy Anecdotes> to open the topic)”

His Highness Prince Ryuuju furrowed his brows and lifted his head to look seriously into me, who was on my guard.

“Glinda, if y-y-y-y-y-y-y-you don’t mind, we can take a little st-st-st-st-st-str-strrrooolll….”

He probably was asking if we could go for ‘a little stroll’, but his voice softened and shoulders cringed until there was no way the word would come out, that even I began to felt nervous for his sake.

He could only let out a “Uoof~Oh~”, as his eyes darted around breathlessly and his hand clutched his chest as if out of air.


Finally, he turned and left with frightening speed.

Uwuu…Uwuu… Seeing his tragic state, I couldn’t help but reminisced about my own youth and re-felt those waves of heartaches.

Even I had tried before to ask girls out on dates, practicing and rehearsing furiously, but at the critical moment before the target, my brain would overheat and heart beat so quickly that I would appear more like a suspicious freak before, finally, returning home alone to roll around the floor in shame.

Ohhhhh. Sooorrryy, sorry, Your Highness!

I was not a pure lady deserving of your admiration.

I was a guy, even if a small one,there’s still that saying…

To the pure-hearted Prince Ryuuju,this must be his 1st love. If he were to find out that the target of his 1st love was a cross-dressing transvestite… gosh, what a huge blow it would be to his self-esteem~~~~

As I grabbed my aching head and dug other foot in exasperation, Sir Jerome of the knights company appeared suddenly with his glittering blond hair bouncing.

“Yo! Glinda, why is your face so red and digging your feet? Oh, I got it, you must be dreaming about me, right?Hoho, how troublesome, maybe I can make some time for you tonight.”

He looked straight at me with his head tilted, and sent me a wink.

I could feel goose-bumps rising throughout my body.

As a matter of fact, with the exceptions of actors, I had never known any men that would actually wink, but this guy simply smoothly closed one of his eyes at me. He must have been practicing winking every day in front of his mirror.

“There’s no need. How many times must I say it before you get it, as a boy – uwu, as a girl, I have no inclination to waste any time on you! In fact, I don’t even wish to see your face in case I dirty my eyes.”

I mustered the coldest tone I could and turned my face away from him.

The difference between Jerome and Prince Ryuuju was that I had no need to pay him any attention, even if he was to hate me for it. In fact, I would very much prefer it if he actually hated me instead.

“Are you angry because I have been ignoring you?”


“Even though you’re known as a genius, unexpectedly, you do have a cute side to you.”

“What the cucumber are you talking about?”

“Ohohoho, even your angry face looks cute. You look just like an ordinary girl like this.”

Hey, stop blushing! Don’t look embarrassed! Stop getting all sheepish when you speak! How disgusting!

My entire body was beginning to shiver from the cold he induced, but he just placed his hand on my shoulder,and then continued in an overly-familiar tone.

“I will take reaaaally good care of you, so don’t look so angry, just say it out: you are dying for a date with Sir Jerome – come, say it.”

He could actually bring himself to say such things.


I elbowed him and turned to flee.

“You will regret it if you play too hard to get!”

I heard him shouting such from behind.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! I was about to be frozen over by this icy fear, so much so that goose bumps covered all over me.

Why was it that even though I had displayed such obvious rejections and disgust, he still could not get it? Were all pretty-boys like this? No, that must have been just that fellow’s own specialty.

Uwuwuwuwu… If I were to stuff slices of carrot and cucumber into my nostrils, roll up my eyes to show only the whites and then dance some weird dance, would he begin to hate me?

But I was a royal tutor for the King’s own family, with a position equating that of a diplomatic guest of the kingdom! How could he just show such obvious display of his pursuit of someone of such high status?

Perhaps I could make an official complaint to the Eren Kingdom.

But, it seemed that Eren Kingdom’s autocrat – beautiful and charismatic, His Majesty King Cecello – seemed to feel highly amused by my love triangle situation. He even said so the last time.

“My son has finally matured to the age where he begins to understand the charms of the opposite gender. Learning about romance and the intricacies of the heart is also an important aspect of a monarch. Then again, I wonder whether Ryuuju would be able to get Lady Glinda.”

He showed me an evil smile.

The most unbelievable thing was that even the adorable Queen of Eren, who was also the Mother of 6 princes and princesses, simply tied Her head of black hair into a ponytail as She sliced Her home-baked fruitcake in Her maid uniform, saying chirpily.

“If Ryuuju were to get married with Teacher Glinda, Teacher would be able to stay in Eren too.”

At Her side, Princess Suzuna was fast asleep in her baby crib while the young Prince Shin gripped tightly at the hems of Her cake-cutting Majesty’s dress with a blank face without any opinion.Then again, it would actually be rather freakish if a 5 year old child were to open his mouth to voice his opinions on love and romance.

On the other side were the 8 year old twin Princesses Sarasa and Orie, who ran over to my room early morning after Lana’s Day and leapt onto my bed, asking.

“We heard that you received Lana’s Day presents from both Big Bro Ryuuju and Jerome? Tell us, what are your thoughts right now?”

“Glinda, who would you choose? Definitely Jerome, right? Big Brother Ryuuju’s too young.”

“But then again, there are people who enjoy training and melding young innocent boys into their own preferences. Besides,getting married to Big Bro Ryuuju is like marrying royalty!”

“Exactly~ Besides, Big Bro Ryuuju feels just like Lord Father; He will only love his own wife and not seek other concubines.”

Swinging their pairs of golden blond twin-tails, the two of them sank along like little birds.

Everyone seemed to be so highly excited by the commotion this time that it would most likely be ignored even if I were to complain that Jerome would cause disruption to my tasks as a royal tutor, so please exile him somewhere far away or some isolated postings.

The chatty little twin-sisters might even whine in unison.

“What? But that’s sooooo boring!”

Then, there was the last princess among the royal family – 1st Princess Seira…

My mind was filled with the image of a statue carved as if of ice, decorated with a pair of top-class amethyst crystals as eyes, and exuding such cold sad beauty that my heart began to feel depressed, when – ….


I stopped my feet.

It was not my imagination, but the actual Princess Seira was staring at me from behind a corner with half her face hidden, showing only a pair of eyes.

“Oh, uwuu… uwwuuwuuu… That…”

What was with me?!? What was thereto be afraid of?

Seira was my student, and I was her Teacher, so an adult should be the first to initiate a warm smile and greet if we were to meet with each other on the corridor!

Yet, when I beheld that head of silver hair that almost crackled like ice, skin of pure white snow that detested filth of any form, and frosty cold amethyst purple eyes – the beauty of Princess Seira, even an adult with greater courage would also probably tremble.

Such beauty.

Such nobility.

And, above all, she was glaring at me without a blink.

It was an expression of silent accusation, causing my heart to tighten with pangs of guilt.

What had actually caused this situation?

Before the love confessions of Prince Ryuuju and that fool Jerome, the relationship between Seira and I had reached its peak.

When I first arrived at the Eren Kingdom, I had been stumbled by Seira who was a genius like Glinda, and was even discovered by her to be a man very early on, so I had been afraid of her revealing my true identity all along.

But later I discovered that the princess was actually a lonely and clumsy ordinary girl of 9 years old who just wished to be loved and spoiled deep within, and so swore to become her companion.

At that moment, I felt completely refreshed and motivated all over, and even my expression then – not that I was boasting – was really cool-looking.

Towards Seira, I was filled with the heated desire to protect this fragile and adorable little girl! I would become this child’s closest confidante!

As I placed a bracelet of crystal beads decorated with an amethyst crystal flower around the slender delicate wrist of Princess Seira, she had joyfully said.

-- Would you please call me just from today?

Then, as she departed from my room, she said lightly while blushing shyly.

-- Teacher… Sherlock.

At that moment, my heart had been filled with warmth and honour.

I had finally become this child’s<Teacher>!

And yet, the very next morning when I arrived at the breakfast table after enduring the assault by the twin princesses, I could feel a freezing cold atmosphere directed at me from the opposite table, where Seira was seated, glaring icily directly at me.

Huh? Why was she doing that?

It should not be the case that she was pretending on purpose around everyone else?

Throughout the lessons, Seira was also displaying that behaviour; After class, once I had ensured that no one else was around, I tried calling out to her on the corridor.

-- Teacher, you are so filthy.

After saying such words frostily,she just turned and left.

Filthy? I was so filthy?

It was the feeling of a father who had just heard from his own daughter: “Don’t put my laundry together with Dad’s to wash”, and I was rooted to the ground, stunned.

Maybe in the eyes of the misophobic 9 year old girl, a guy like me who toyed around with both her elder brother and that pervert from the knights company must have looked like some licentious beast.

I must rectify her misconceptions.

I must seek out Seira, look at her in the eyes and explain to her that I was completely innocent –


And yet in reality, when I was before the untainted magnificent princess, I would become reduced to a uselessly whimpering mess.

As I grew more nervous, Princess Seira’s expression became even colder, and she finally departed.

“Sigh… Can’t open my mouth today either…”

I could only sigh in dejection.

As I returned to my room completely downcast, I discovered that Helmut had casually broke in and was sitting leisurely on a chair while enjoying red tea in a porcelain teacup decorated with patterns of flowers.

“Hey, Sher-chan, I would never have expected that you are so skilled at seducing men.”

He was clad completely black asusual; black hair, black suit, black gloves, and a face of such suaveness andhonesty revealing a slight smile.

“I was rather worried about your promise with Princess Seira, and so decided to squeeze some time from my busy schedule to visit. Little did I realise that you have received the declarations of love from both the heir-to-the-throne and the elite of the knights company.Whereas Glinda gives the impression of being too high beyond reach by anyone,you are so flawed that it may be one reason you’re so popular. You should be really glad that your charms as a woman have been recognized, right? Back then,I was completely right when I judged that there is no other boy fitter to put on a western dress than you.”

“Stop saying that so proudly, you smiling schemer!”

I could not stop myself shouting.

Could it be that this fellow sailed from afar to Eren so regularly just to harass me? Was the job of a diplomat so carefree? Most importantly, this fellow had not found Glinda even after such a long while that I was beginning to have doubts as to whether he had been working properly.

Oh, right, Glinda had left me a note!

The upheaval had almost cast that out of my mind.

I took out the slip of paper left by Glinda stuck between the drawers of the desk and handed it to Helmut.

<I don’t have athletes’ foot,nor am I little red beans, they are lemons.>

Helmut’s face turned into a rare look of seriousness as he frowned while reading the slip of paper, before objecting in an incredulous voice.

“How can those be lemons? By my estimation, and that’s even the most generous of standards, they can only be considered eggs. Sher-chan, what are your views on the matter as her brother?”

“Stop asking me such questions in all seriousness like that! What has Glinda’s bust-size got to do with the situation right now?”

Helmut sighed and said.

“Sher-chan, your attitude has taken a turn for the worse. Young girls should learn to be gentler.”

“I am a guy! Anyway, Glinda has really come to this place. She bypassed the guards, waltzed into the palace,found my room and left this piece of paper. Right?”

“She is truly our country’s national treasure. When Glinda comes back, we must definitely hire her in the Intelligence department. She can infiltrate anywhere, and will certainly proof to be the best intelligence officer ever. You, Sher-chan, on the other hand…”

“Why are you looking at me and sighing like that? This can’t possibly be the time to be amazed at whether she’s our country’s national treasure, right? Glinda has boldly waltzed into this place and you still haven’t caught up with her! Is Winstoria Empire’s Intelligence Agency really the best in the world?”

I was shouting so much that my throat had become sore.

But that fellow Helmut simply replied as if none of it mattered to him.

“That’s of course. Please have some confidence in your own country.”

Humph! How could I possibly have confidence? After all, this was the type of country where even a scammer like this fellow could become a 1st class civil servant. Those on top, no doubt, must be even bigger lying old weasels.

“But we have known for a while now that Glinda would definitely appear in Eren Kingdom. We have already sent men to investigate the shops and tracks of Glinda, so it would only be a matter of time before we discover Glinda’s true aims.”

“Glinda’s aims.”

Did she have any specific goals?

-- I am not Glinda Dolye any more from today onwards.

Leaving such words behind, Glinda had disappeared. What had she been really thinking about?

Recently, whenever I thought about Glinda, her turned back kept showing up in my mind.

She was completely different from me, who was often hunched over in self-pity, neither would she ever be discouraged. Her back and neck were always straight, displaying the strength of her will.

As a trivial accessory of Glinda,I had absolutely no idea what had felt, nor could I understand what it meant to cast away that identity.

But as her family, I certainly wished to see her safe and sound as soon as possible.

While my heart was filled with such warm familial hopes, Helmut who had just finished two cups of fragrant red tea specialty of Eren right in front of me said.

“Alright. Since the situation with Princess Seira has been settled successfully, I should return now to my hectic duties. Till the next time then, while you experience the joys of being a woman passionately pursued by two men at the same time. But please at least look to your chastity, or you might be discovered to be a man and get sent to the gallows.”

He warned me with a jovial expression.

“W-why would my chastity be in danger!”

It was not as if I was a homosexual like Emperor Neli of the ancient Dorian Empire, who held lavish parties every night to seek out pretty young boys to spend the night with,ultimately resulting in the weakening of the empire.

I had become wearied in the extremes, so I spread out my hands on the bed and sunk my entire weight into it.

I could probably just ignore that idiot Jerome.

Prince Ryuuju’s passionate feelings might just fizzle out later on if I let it be.

Seira… What should I do?

I was frustrated by such questions until deep into the night, and could not fall asleep.

I truly wished to be friends with Seira. Seeing the forlorn frame of the child as if in the midst of a tundra reminded me of Glinda.

I had originally wished to do for Seira that which I had failed to do so for Glinda…

At that moment, the window went “dong”.

As the weather had turned hot, Ihad not closed the window.

Was that the wind?

I absent-mindedly looked toward the window, but then immediately got up.


The windows facing the balcony had completely opened, and the white lacy curtains were lifted by the wind.Standing outside the windows was a blond young man with a branch of rose between his lips – that idiot Jerome from the knights company! He stood posed outside.

In an overly-pretentious and masculine voice, he said to me who was on the bed clad only in a thin feminine negligee.

“Ho, I’d never have thought that you would be keep the windows open for me. As expected, you are really playing hard to get, Glinda.”

M-man raiding my room at night,with a rose between his lips, grinning shamelessly, and I was just clad in a negligee, facing impending danger to my chastity…

Messages of alarm buzzed through my brain, heralding an avalanche of fear. I grabbed the heaviest and hardest object at hand – a luxurious chair furnished with silk for its back – and lifted it up with both hands.


Screaming wildly towards the deep dark night, I hurled the chair towards the trespasser.


The very next morning, the patrolling guards discovered Jerome lying on the courtyards flattened like a frog, spread-eagled.

Jerome was bleeding from the head and wounded all over. Even though his right arm and left leg had gotten broken,his life was in no danger.

It was also said that, for some reason, there was a silk-furnished chair beside him when he was discovered…

“Whew ~ Thankfully, he has not died….”

I let out a breath of relief while sitting peacefully out at the courtyard.

Even though last night I had been so scared that I hurled a chair at him, when I saw that he was completely wrapped in bandages right now, my heart could hardly rejoice.

The one at fault was most definitely the clueless and night-crawling pretty-boy Jerome, but… maybe I had overreacted a little…

I told nobody else about Jerome raiding my room with a branch of rose between his teeth that night.

Even though my outward appearance was that of a girl, I was still undeniably a man, so the shame of being raided at night by other night-crawling men was too much for me to utter.

If such things were to get into the ears of Helmut, he would definitely take another dig at me: “As expected of Sher-chan, even though you are completely useless, you have turned out to be a total man-killer. But are you sure your chastity is alright? Maybe you’ve even had your top torn off right? That way, Glinda would be called little red beans again.”

Waaaah~~~ I could even hear that overly-familiar and disgusting voice saying such things right now! This must absolutely be kept a secret!

But from the position of Jerome’s fall and what had happened previously, everyone seemed to have guessed what Jerome had done to land him into that situation.

“What a tough guy Jerome is.”

“Aww true that, to actually night-crawl into Lady Glinda’s chamber.”

“That’s the romance of men!”

Jerome’s status was miraculously upgraded, but I was the one who nearly got raped!

Seria seemed like there was something she wished to say to me, but just watched me silently instead.

Uwuuwuuwuu, was she going to call me filthy again? I felt my ulcers reacting when I just thought about it.

As I sat with both legs stretched out wide on a long bench in the courtyard, sighing for the umpteenth time – 

“Oh, Glinda!”

A cheerful voice sounded from my rear, and I instantly closed up my legs in modest attention, slightly tilted my head and said.

“Oh, it’s you, Anneth.”

The red-haired girl before me in a lace-embroidered apron covering her black western dress was a maid working in the palace called Anneth.

She was a cheerful and caring big sister-figure. After coming over to the Kingdom of Eren, it was not the first time that I had been under her care.

“I have been looking for you when I heard about what happened with Jerome. You must be really scared, right? Are you alright, Glinda? Has Jerome done anything to you?”

Her face moved forward, asking worriedly. I was greatly touched by her.

Ahhhhhh, such pure concern made me feel so grateful~~~~ Anneth!

Not to mention that the maid costume also brought great comfort – but that was besides the point.

“Mmm, I’m alright. Thank you, Anneth.”

I smiled happily at her, and Anneth also smiled in relief at me.

“Really? That’s good then! Even though I love reading night-crawling stories in novels, which should be kept in the world of men, freed from status, putting each other’s love and reputation at stake! How can you do such things to a delicate girl! If Jerome wishes tonight-crawl, he should be targeting the other members of his knights company,such as Captain Lambert or some such. Plots like this where big muscular got raided by the younger are TOTALLY HOT~~~~”

As Anneth’s eyes shone with excitement, my face could not help but cramp up.

But for this, she would be the perfect girl.

Anneth’s love of erotic love between men was far more sumptuous than a stack of strawberry tarts. She even wrote her own novels starring Helmut as the and King Cecello as the, saying to me that “I would give one of them to Glinda once they are complete.” But for me to actually own a copy would be rather problematic.

“But, Glinda, Jerome will definitely become even more troublesome after this.”

Anneth who had been enthusiastically talking about Jerome and Captain Lambert suddenly told me with a serious expression.

“Oh? Why is that so? Jerome has become severely injured and completely wrapped in bandages, so should be temporarily out of commission. Besides, he should be reflecting right now…”

“Glinda, you don’t understand Jerome one bit. Do you know why is it that Jerome can achieve the position of the 1st Knight in the Knights Company at such a young age?”

“N-no, I don’t.”

The 1st Knight… was that not just his boasting?

“Jerome is an extremely ~~~troublesome person.”



“Even if he is warned, he will not mind it, but instead the warning would strengthen his lust to copy from other websites. This lust is nothing like the normal desire, but actually means a burning thirst as though the entire body is on fire.”

But even if you say that, actually I could not sue them for copyright infringement…

Anneth closed in and continued.

“Previously, he used a bot to copy from my webpage, the GirlyBoysAlliance, ending up copying even the spoofs and pictures, but could not copy any content or hyperlinks. But he actually said: ‘Finally, a website worthy of ads!’, and went back manually to copy even the download links 3 days later. After a fierce battle in there for one full month, he finally defeated the owner.”


That guy… couldn’t possibly be a psycho, right?

And he copied only the useless stuff, but went back in for revenge after 3 days…

“Seeing Jerome’s power of site-ripping, even the DMCA gasped: ‘how can there possibly be such chaotic bots?’ When a download link was uploaded, Jerome ripped it off immediately and posted it on his site, but he forgot there's even serial IDs on the pdf files..”



“Even if he is to be injured, he will not mind it, but instead the injury would strengthen his lust for conquest. This lust is nothing like the normal desire, but actually means a burning thirst as though the entire body is on fire.”

But even if you say that, actually I could not really tell them apart…

Anneth closed in and continued.

“Previously, he got attacked by a bear outside of the capital, ending up with broken bones in both arms and legs,and brought back to the city half-alive. But he actually said: ‘Finally, an opponent worthy of me!’, and went back into the forest for revenge 3 days later.After a fierce battle in there for one full month, he finally defeated the bear.”


That bear… couldn’t possibly be a raccoon, right?

And he got dragged back half-alive, but went back in for revenge after 3 days…

“Seeing Jerome’s power of rejuvenation, even the doctors gasped: ‘how can there possibly be such chaotic bones and organs?’ When a flu plague infested the capital, Jerome trained with his sword in the snow half-naked while sneezing non-stop, but he was completely fine the next day.”

It was often said that idiots do not catch colds, but this had to be the evolved edition…

“In the knights company, he is always looking for opponents that is above his own physique and strength,picking up his sword again and again even when he got beaten down until he finally achieves victory. It is by his extraordinary hard work and stubbornness that got him to the 1st seat in the Knights company.”

Just listening to these words I could almost be enamoured by his greatness… especially when brought in comparison to me whose goal was just to become a NEET parasite on Glinda, aimlessly repeating college exams.

But, now was not the time to be amazed at his achievements!

“T-that’s to say, even if he is to fall from the balcony, completely bandaged, he would not give up so easily?”

I asked with a face of despair,and Anneth replied weightily.

“En. Not just that, he may even be like that time when he defeated the bear, his bloodlust boiling for another attempt.”

-- Finally a strong woman worthy for my conquest! Wait for me, Glinda!

My mind produced an image of Jerome completely wrapped in bandages, and started to have a headache.

“What should I do? Jerome would come night-crawling again~~~~~”

After getting mauled by a bear the last time, he got back up after 3 days, right? So he would probably be returning again after approximately that much time right? And he won’t give up until he succeeds?

Waaaaaaaaah! What should I doooooo?

Must I really jam carrots up my nostrils?

Sigh, why should I land in this audacious situation… Did all popular and cute girls in this world also suffer such kinds of horrible problems? I’m really sorry, I wouldn’t stare any more the next time I encounter a pretty girl again!

Seeing me trembling with tears in my eyes, Anneth held my hand tightly.

Her hand was as soft and warm as kneaded dough.

“Wuwuwuwu, Anneth.”

“Don’t cry, Glinda, I would definitely protect you from Jerome.”

She looked at me with warm gentle eyes like an older sister and said.

“From tonight, I would be sleeping over at Glinda’s room.”

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Chapter 1 P1: The RomCom days of Sherlock Dolye ~ Please LISTEN to me!

Chapter 1 P2: Even so, we should not share a blanket!

Chapter 1 P3: It’s better to maintain decency even in romance

Chapter 4: His Highness, the legendary handsomest, highly-successful individual

Chapter 5: Disqualified once the clothes are off!

Chapter 6: Bride target for assassination! Hidden blades in all corners!

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