Chapter 3: It’s better to maintain decency even in romance

What should I do? What should I do? What should I do?

Ignoring the flight of my skirt, I hurried along the corridor of the castle.

Jerome’s life is in danger!

Could Seria have really made Jerome…

Aaaaaaaaaaaaa! If I had been earlier to stop Seira… No, if only I had exercised a firmer attitude towards Jerome right from the beginning, things would not have proceeded to this stage!

Nooooooo! What should I do if Jerome really died?

I ran straight into the knights’quarters in the castle. Because I had been visiting Jerome virtually every day,I could find his room even with both eyes closed.

I ran forward while out of breathe.

Right, I seemed to have read of such a scene from the episodic novel published on the daily newspaper – where the main character Calounda received news of the death of her lover Knight Kreuz from a hail of arrows by enemies. Casting aside everything, Calounda rushed to be at the side of her lover, but Kreuz died after swearing a love of eternity to her. Unbeknownst to everyone, Calounda was pregnant with Kreuz’s child… Then the tale developed on the next episode.

Uwuu, this didn’t bode well! Not to mention that there’s no child in my tummy! If there happened to be one, the one who would be most surprised must be me myself!

I reached Jerome’s room in confusion and opened its door without even knocking, dashing in.

The bed and everywhere had been covered in rose petals.

Jerome lied on the bed, his hands laid across his chest with his eyes closed.

I had never seen such a calm-looking Jerome, and was as if struck by lightning.

Was I too late…

“Jerome! Jerome!”

I fell onto Jerome’s body, clutching his shoulder and chest.

“Uwaaaaah! Why are you gone so quickly? Don’t die! Jerome!”

Just as I was crying with fluids all over my face, screaming ‘Don’t die, Jerome’ –

“Finally, you’re being honest with your feelings, Glinda.”


The sound of this horrid voice must be…

“Being so charismatic and charming, I’d known of your thoughts since a long time ago.”

Jerome suddenly sat up.

Even though his head and neck had been covered in bandages, he looked very vigorous and healthy. His nose poked upwards in a look of frivolity.

What was worse was that his hand rounded my waist…

“Hey, what are you idling about for? Your most beloved resurrected for you, so you should be giving an emotional kiss at this moment, right?”

“So… You’re just deceiving me?”

What resurrection! Wasn’t he just living vivaciously all this time?

“It’s your own fault for being so cold so that I have to arrange for this romantic stage. You should have realised by now your true feelings?”

“Whoa! Stop!”

Even though this fellow was all bound in bandages, he was apparently full of energy, being able to hold me down onto the disgusting bed filled with rose petals.

“I, I hate you the most!”

“You’ve been using male pronouns(1) since just now, is that a custom of Winstoria?”

Jerome ignored my protests and leaned his face forward.

Then, he reached for the buttons in my clothes, attempting to pull my clothes apart – wahwahwah! All’s lost if I got uncovered to be male here!

The more important thing was that I did not wish to be stripped by a man!

I shoved Jerome away with all my strength, got down from the bed and rushed to the door.

But, the door which had been unlocked earlier wouldn’t budge no matter how much I twisted at its handle.

The door had been locked! Could this be the act of Jerome’s boy servant?

That fellow looked so innocent, but was actually in cahoots with this delusional schemer! Disgusting!

“I must inform you that there’s no use in screaming. At this time, everyone has gone outside and the bunk’s completely empty. You don’t have to be aware of anybody else, so just be honest to your feelings.”

I could hardly even detect Jerome coming from behind me, grabbing both my shoulders and whispering proudly into my ear, an act which gave me goose bumps all over.

“I, I am horn-estly refusing you!”

Damn, I bit my tongue again. Looked like there was no way to display my strength.

Jerome’s face relaxed, displaying one that seemed to say:’you’re really unbelievably cute’, saying

“Alright, alright, I understand it now, the sound of your screaming voice crying ‘don’t die~~~’ had been etched deeply within me.”

He pulled my arm and dragged me towards the bed.

I held onto the door handle for my dear life but… Waaah! This guy was apparently in a bandaged heap of wounds, but his strength was so great –

“N, No! If you’re going to pull so hard…”

My hand was pulled away from the handle, and like a weak helpless piggy being dragged off to the market, I was dragged by him.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! If this kept up, my chastity would be in danger!

“Stop~~~ My chest is only as big as a little red bean, and I’m also just an inexperienced little boy(2), not interesting at all~~~”

“Does the people of Winstoria call virgins ‘little boys’? That’s fine, just leave it to the experienced me!”


I got pushed back onto the bed by Jerome with my mind in a blur, all the while blaring warnings of ‘danger to chastity’, ‘loss of virginity’, ‘national criminal’, and ‘execution’.

At that moment –

A heavy knock boomed at the door, causing it to vibrate violently.

W, What’s going to happen this time?

Then, sounds of clattering and banging continued from outside.

Jerome frowned and shouted:

“Hey! What’s going on outside?”

At that second, a sharp noise came from the outside together with the sound of something metallic dropping on the floor, and the door opened.

The one who appeared was carrying a long heavy halberd while panting profusely with his shoulders rising and falling. Sweat ran down his forehead. It was Prince Ryuuju.

“P, Prince Ryuuju!”

Seeing the arrival of someone completely unexpected, not just me, but even Jerome was speechless with surprise.

Prince Ryuuju frowned deeply, glaring his wide eyes directly at Jerome.

He pulled along an axe that was far taller than his stature, both feet standing completely upright, and emitted the power of royalty that did not befit his youthful appearance that even Jerome froze over.

The son of the Skydrake.

Heir to the throne.

He displayed a power that commoners did not have and shouted in burning anger:

“Do not cause distress to the woman you like!”

Jerome was dumbstruck.

He was as if struck by lightning, his wide-open eyes immovable. Then turning his head slowly towards me, carefully asked:

“Am, am I causing you distress?”

My tenseness finally gave way and tears flowed from the corners of my eyes:

“Very distressed~~~”

I wept loudly after the great shout. It was really embarrassing to cry like this as a man.

But when Jerome saw my condition, he fell silent.

He had initially thought that when I shouted previously ‘hate, hate, HATE’ at him, I was just playing hard to get, but now seeing my weakened crying state, finally understood that I was really feeling extremely distressed.

This guy who belonged to the class of successful individuals had probably never have imagined that there could be a girl that detested him, and so began to tremble as though he had seen an unknown organism. Or maybe because he did not know what to do, his shoulders which were stiff with pride earlier had also drooped.

Prince Ryuuju leaned the heavy axe against the wall tiredly and strode towards me in large steps.

Then, pulling the right hand of me who was still weeping, he said in a very severe voice:

“Let’s go, Glinda.”

I shifted my feet from the bed, and left Jerome’s room under the guidance of Prince Ryuuju.

Jerome lowered his shoulders and sat on the bed motionlessly.

Departing from the bunk, I wiped my nose while being guided by a young boy shorter than me and walked past the lush summer courtyard.

I was simply basking in my feeling of security at the moment and completely disregarded the issue of embarrassment.

“… I saw you rushing there from the window… So followed because I felt worried.”

Prince Ryuuju said in a low voice while he walked.

“Uuu uuu, Thank you so much, Prince Ryuuju.”

I thanked while swallowing.

At that moment, Prince Ryuuju stopped his feet and let go of my hand. He tightly closed his lips as if furious, pulling a handkerchief from his pocket for me, and stammered while blushing:

“Previously, when Glinda was crying, I did not have any handkerchief… So, in order to be able to lend you handkerchief, I had always… kept one on me since then.”

His eyes on me were filled with embarrassment, but were at the same time extremely honest and pure.

I could unmistakably feel his admiration of me, making my chest tighten. His passion seemed so pure and heated.

Sigh, this child was truly as innocent as a piece of white linen. Focused and diligent, he also displayed a heroic brightness that even an adult like I had no choice but admire.

Seeing the astonishing growth of this righteous and embarrassed boy, I wished to encourage him as someone who had once been clumsily in love like him.

I bent over and drew my face close to Prince Ryuuju –


I lightly kissed his face.

Prince Ryuuju stared at me with his eyes wide open.

“Thank you for your handkerchief. The Prince Ryuuju who came to Jerome’s room to rescue me looks so cool.”

I took the pure white handkerchief from the hands of the completely frozen Prince Ryuuju with a smile shining with gratitude.

This brave little hero fully deserved it.

It would only be this time that I would be the Teacher Glinda that he admired, praise his actions, bravery and persistence.

Prince Ryuuju became completely flushed as if like a kettle boiling over, suddenly collapsing.

“Wah! Are you alright? Prince Ryuuju! Be strong! Wah! All I did was kiss him on the cheek!”

So screaming, I took care of the fainted Prince Ryuuju.


The next day, Jerome came to apologise to me.

“Frankly, I have always been the most popular among the ladies, and that’s not a boast that comes from someone like me who is both manly and charming, has excellent family background and perfect looks, being the 1st in the Knights Company. Since young I had always been extremely popular, with many women queuing up for a date with me, so I have never imagined that there can possibly be a strange girl that wouldn’t fall for such a perfect man like me.”

Sigh… Are you really here to apologise to me? I could hardly sit still while I endured the desire to throw you a punch.

“But, Prince Ryuuju’s words made me realise my mistake, so I would try my best not to cause you any distress.”

Fuu, that’s better.

“I would be admiring you from afar instead.”


“Tha, That, you don’t really have to admire any more. After all… there probably won’t be any effect.”

My plea did not seem to have entered Jerome’s ears, as he revealed a smile full of confidence:

“In the past, girls that I have gone out with have all fallen for me uncontrollably right away. I have already bored of such type of relationships. To let a girl who absolutely hates me to fall for me instead, now such a feat would be proof of my perfection!”

This… gave off a really bad feeling. What was this guy talking about? I wanted to scoff: “Rather than perfection, isn’t it just insanity?”

“Anyway – from today, I would be chasing after you in secret, so if you fell for me, feel free to confess to me any time. I love you – Glinda!”


He shouted at the top of his voice at the end before turning to leave, his loose bandages fluttering like flags at his rear.

“How can this be considered ‘secret’? Please stop already! Hate me, I beg you!”

On the other hand, Prince Ryuuju was down with a fever ever since that day.

“It doesn’t look like a cold… but there doesn’t seem to be any particular cause…”

Her Majesty told me with a look of worry, but I could only give a forced smile and say:

“Haha… Probably it’s just a side-symptom of puberty? His Highness has already reached that age after all.”

Had I… overdid it?

To the pure Prince Ryuuju, that kiss might have been a little too shocking.

When Anneth heard that Jerome had given up (?), she happily said:

“Great! So Glinda hasn’t fallen fall Jerome, right? Then I can come stay over at Glinda’s room at night again.”

She seemed overjoyed.

Haha… I would be troubled if that happened too.

The finally problem was Seira…

This direction seemed very uncertain in which way it would develop, since she would only stay at a distant, observing me with an overly-cautious and expressionless face. I, too, due to my shocking experience in that black magic room, black cloak, found it hard to say anything.

At this moment, I could see Seira standing at a corner of the corridor.

Glistening silver hair glittered in the light that beamed in from the window; snow-white skin was translucent like the princess of an elven kingdom.

She seemed to be waiting for me with a pair of mysterious amethyst eyes fixed on me coolly.

Seira was still expressionless, perhaps even looking a little angry, but she seemed to have such an expression even on normal days, so maybe she would like to makeup with me… today?

My heart hoped.

That’s right. It’s no good to guard against each other like this. Alright, as the adult here, I should show some initiative and talk with her as carefreely and naturally as possible…

I took a step forward, and Seira’s thin brows immediately knitted, the cool expression decreased in temperature, and those refined lips spoke words that felt cold like ice:

“Teacher… Did you kiss… Big Brother Ryuuju?”

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