Side Story 1: Jerome’s diary of regret ~ T-there’s no way I can be in love with you!

Updated 12th June 2017

Day X Month X

Yay, let’s celebrate! This is the 15th day I have been writing diligently in this blog!

As the chief editor of the Girly Boys Alliance, the fact that the suave and charming I could keep an online blog like a little girl would most likely kill girly-boys' dreams of me, so this better be secret. A man as popular as me must always be aware of my own image.

Tonight’s gonna be a date with Totsuka Saika, that hawt boi from Oregairu – or so I had planned it to be, but when Totsuka heard my invitation…

“No way, are you kidding?

It’s true that you do have a website, but I still can’t take it, maybe it’s just the ads or the design? Anyway, that’s not possible. Oh, but your face and figure sure is top-notch, so that’s why everyone has been saying that you are the most regrettable pretty-boy of GBA.~”

He (She?) ran off laughing after saying that.

How can that be? I mean, a top-class pretty-boy like me must have seemed way too beyond the league of those traps, causing all those regrets and pity.

Those other traps must also be thinking in pity.

“Sigh! I also wish that I can visit the GBA website at least once, but his website's pink background is so bright that I can’t look straight at it, what a pity.”

“Truly a pity, if only GBA isn’t so perfect, maybe I too can try and take up a challenge.”

What a sinful man I am.

But, the handsome me received great news this morning.

It seems as if there’s this trap called Glinda from the Novel Updates who has been assigned as the reviewer for my translations.

I too have heard rumours about that "girl", that she’s the famed omnipotent genius, that she is unrivalled in knowledge, be it in HTML, Java-script, flash and PHP or even email-marketing, and that she’s an extraordinary beauty.

Humph, to be honest, I have totally zilch interests in those proud women who think they can take on a man’s job.

If such a girl were to discuss HTML and PHP during a date, I will stuff a keyboard into her mouth; I also can’t stand girls who pretend to be geeks, they’re not cute at all.

A girl must have big spectacles, a little childish looking, and know how to rely of men.

But forget it, if that girl called Glinda is really as marvellous as the rumours say, and is an omnipotent genius, maybe she can be a match for the perfect me.

So, this is truly good news.

If Glinda were to come to me weeping: “I love your website. If I can’t become a member, I’d rather go die.” well, it’s not like I can’t give her a chance.

Day X Month X

Glinda arrived, and I only got a glance of her.

Maybe due to late nights, her face was bowed and as pale as a zombie.

What do they mean by extraordinary beauty!

Though it can’t be said that she’s ugly, no matter how you look at it, her face is just ordinary!

Sigh, to think that I’ve been waiting this long for this day.

"Girls" fit to be matched with me are a real pain to find.


Day X Month X

Daaaaaaaaammmmmnnnn!!! Glinda, that cursed woman! Aaaaaarrrggggghhh! Aaaarrrrghhh!!! Daaaammmnnn! Horrible! Disgusting fellow!

What hack tools did she use!

When my vice-editor commanded me to go meet with Glinda, I could hardly find any energy to do it, because discussing translations seriously with a 'woman' hardly fits my image.

Unimaginable! That woman pretended to use her laptop, then threw my scripts to the trash with her bare hands!

I couldn’t even tell when she deleted my scripts.

She just disappeared from my sight, and the next second my scripts flew into the air, my face hitting the keyboard, and then continued to roll for a distance.

For someone like me who’s as handsome as the sun god to display such an ugly performance!

Waaaaaaaaaaaaah! This is the first time I’ve had such a shame since I’ve been born!

Glinda Dolye! You disgusting woman! I will definitely make you mine!

(To be continued)

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Side Story 1: Jerome’s diary of regret ~ T-there’s no way I can be in love with you!

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