Chapter 1: Part 2: Even so, we should not share a blanket!

Updated: 6 July 2017

That night, Anneth brought her night items to my room while still dressed in her working maid uniform.

“Sorry I’m late~ I’d change immediately.”

“Cha-cccccccchange? Here?”

Anneth watched my bewildered pose glued to the wall, and exclaimed:

“Yeah, that’s why I brought my pajamas here.”

“N-No way! H, How could a girls-s-s-s-s-s-strip with others in the room!”

“Ara, Glinda, we are all girls here, so what’s the big deal? Hoho, your face has turned so red, how cute.”

Anneth appeared to be very amused,smilingly undid the strings of her pure white lace-embroidered apron and placed it on the bed.

“Waaaaaaa! It really isn’t such a good idea!”

“I’ve just taken off my apron.”

With a laugh, she began to unbutton the front of her one-piece dress.

Anneth’s chest was really big.

If Glinda’s could be compared to two eggs, Anneth’s should be called a couple of large peaches? No, perhaps even bigger.

For every button that got undone,the faintly pink full breasts that were normally hidden under the black one-piece dress got exposed bit by bit…

Waaaaaaaaaaah, I could no longer watch. Even though Anneth had said that we were both girls, I was in fact a man!

It was the act of a pervert to cross-dress in order to peek on ladies changing.

I covered both of my eyes with my hands and turned my back towards her.

“Glinda, you are so innocent.”

Anneth laughed again.

Her candied sweet voice, combined with the sounds of clothes being unbuttoned and removed tickled my ears,crawling deep into my ear-drums and boiling my the insides of my head so that even breathing was difficult.

“For someone as shy as you, it would definitely be tough when you get a lover!”

“I, I have no plans on getting one!”

Oh, that tempting, rustling sound.

H-How much of her clothes had she taken off now? Half? Or completely?

“Huh? Why? That’s such a pity.Even though Glinda is a genius, you have such a commoner’s feel that it’s adorable and attracting others’ protective instinct. You will definitely make acute bride.”

D, Don’t start thinking in that direction! I must not imagine the sight of her body with all the upper clothes removed, clad only in her white undergarments, and in the process of removing her skirt!

“I-I have n-n-n-n-n-ever imagined anything like that before!”

“Really? Then, Glinda, what’s your type?”



I almost let slipped “Well-endowed girls”, but quickly said.

“Men with great chest muscles…”

“Really? How surprising! So you prefer well-muscled men. How about Captain Lambert from the Knights company?Ah, but Captain Lambert belongs to Jerome, so if you are to get together with him, Jerome’s definitely going to be jealous.”

Would he be jealous at Captain Lambert or at me?

Hearing Anneth’s words that were so full of her unique character, I let out a sigh of relief, and even began to return to normalcy. But at this time –

Something soft…

touched my back.

“No way, I’ve decided not to give Glinda away to anybody. Become my bride!”


Anneth’s arms rested on both sides of my shoulders.

The naked arms consisted of the just-right amount of flabbiness, and were extremely soft. And even softer and fuller than that feeling, it couldn’t possibly b-b-b-b-b-b-b-e…..

No, it most definitely was…

“A-A-A-A-Anneth, s-stop! We can’t do that! We are both girls!”


“S-Such things should only be done by men and women who are in love with each other!”

No, actually, I’m a guy, so there wasn’t any problem at all.

My head was heating so much that it nearly caught fire, even my nose was about to bleed.

It seemed that there were some problems after all –

“Really, Glinda, you are so serious that it’s cute! May I use that quote just now In Helmu-Llo?”

Anneth suddenly released me.

“I must note it down in case I forget.”

“Uh, sure… But you must put on your clothes first.”

I felt both a little disappointed and relieved.

For the record, Helmu-Llo meant “Helmut Top, King Cecello Bottom” in short.

She was probably planning to have King Cecello pleads: “Stop! Such things should only be done by men and women who are in love with each other.” Or Helmut, while on the receiving end of King Cecello’s ‘seduction’, torturously refusing: ”Don’t do that please, such things should only be done by men and women who are in love with each other.”

Uwuuuuu! I don’t wish to think about it any more! By the way, when did I start to learn about words like ‘seductive bottom’?

“Why are you so down, Glinda?”


Anneth suddenly appeared before my eyes, forcing me to cover them.

“I have already changed, don’t worry.”

I worriedly shifted my hands away to see Anneth in a white negligee smiling at me.

She had let down completely all of her normally bundled up hair, with some curls still remaining, looking very adorable. This look suited her, and gave off a refreshing feel.

Right, the last time I bumped into her in the streets when she returned home, her hair was also let down like this.

“Why are you staring at me?”

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

I lowered my head embarrassed.

I was dressed as a boy back then.

“Glinda is so funny.”

Anneth stretched out both her legs on the bed’s edge, beginning to comb her hair.

Hair which seemed so soft flowed according to the motion of the comb.

After that, she poured out some transparent liquid from a small glass jar, rubbing it on her face, and then,twisting open a small round box with flowery pattern, she dabbed some white cream and wiped it on her face as well.

“This cream would keep the skin moisturized, and does not feel too bad. Heard that there is shark’s oil in its content. Glinda, what do you use to maintain?”

“… Maintain?”

“Maintenance of skin of course.”


“Don’t tell me that you don’t use anything at all? Do you mean to say that you just wash your face and wipe it dry, and that’s all?”


What was Anneth so shocked about?

“No way!”

She suddenly squeezed both her fists and forced me to sit down on the bed by pressing down on my shoulders.

“Even girl-geniuses are girls, and must have proper maintenance, or your skin would turn rough and dry. My goodness, your skin is so naturally white and smooth, how could you not maintain it properly…”

She began to murmur things like,‘what a pity’, ‘insufficient hard work as a girl’, as she rubbed Hyacinth-scented transparent liquid onto my face, and then also added on those cream that she said consisted of shark-oil.

“Whoa! That’s enough, Anneth.”

“No, just rubbing it on the surface would only half its effects. You must massage it properly for it to work.”

Thus saying, she began to rub onto my entire face with both her palms in wide motion.

Did all girls do this sort of things every night?

But, ah… it felt somewhat comfortable…

A cream-covered hand massaged my chin down to my throat and collar-bone, making me drunk with comfort.

Anneth’s hands… were so soft and warm.

Her hands gently wrapped around my face and stroked in light circular motion, giving me so much comfort that I could almost purr like a cat.

The cream consisted of the fragrance of milk. Fuu~ That’s the scent of girls~

Ahhh, I truly wish to keep sniffing at this fragrance, touched by these pair of hands…

It’s so comfy to be a girl~~~

Even as I was still undecided about which is more comfortable: Anneth’s hand, the massage or the scent of the cream, Anneth said.

“Alright, that’s enough. Next time, when we go out to buy maintenance soap and cosmetics, I would help you choose.”


I happily nodded, and then my heart skipped a beat.

I’m a guy!

I was not a stage-performer, so there shouldn’t be any need to maintain, right?

I hoped it was not due to my cross-dressing as a woman every day that even my attitude had began to change into female?

Had I been changed drastically due to being carried by the flow of things in this extraordinary situation?

While I was stumbled by the thought, Anneth pulled up the blanket, and called to me using an adorable voice:

“Let’s sleep, Glinda.”


My heart rate suddenly shot up and my temperature also increased drastically.

“You’re saying s-s-s-s-s-sleep? Together?”


“B,B-b-b-b-but it’s still early,we c-can have tea first, then t-t-t-t-talk. Right, I still have some cakes that Her Majesty gave me.”

“You’d become fat if you eat dessert before bed! And we can talk in bed too. Come, Glinda.”

“I-I will go sleep on that bench there.”


“Uh, n-n-n-n-n-nothing!”

While I remained in shock, Anneth’s soft hand pulled my arm and dragged me onto the bed.

Ah! How could it be that I was already in bed?

“Hohoho, when my little brother and sister refused to nap, I’m the best at making them go to sleep.”

Anneth’s head lied on the bed,revealing a smile at me.

Her face was too close to mine!

At this distance, if both persons just pout, it could pro-pro-pro-probably end up k-k-k-k-k-kissing – that was the distance between lovers.

A sweet scent, probably the fragrance of facial cream mixed with sweat. The sweetness of the scent contained a sensual charm that stirred at my mind.

At this distance, if both persons just pout, it could pro-pro-pro-probably end up k-k-k-k-k-kissing – that was the distance between lovers.

A sweet scent, probably the fragrance of facial cream mixed with sweat. The sweetness of the scent contained a sensual charm that stirred at my mind.

“I have always wanted to do such things with Glinda.”

Anneth said with happiness in her eyes.

-- I have always wanted to do such things with you.

This sentence became dyed in pink when it reached my brain, almost causing me to spray blood from my nose at Anneth.

“I’ve always felt, if I could talk in bed with Glinda about some personal secrets, it would definitely be very fun.”

-- could talk in bed about some personal secrets.

W-w-w-w-w-w-w-what should I do?

With such loud hammering of my heart, even Anneth would surely be able to hear it.

“Do you remember that I went back home a few days ago? At that time, I bump into a boy that looks almost exactly the same as Glinda.”


At that moment, my heartbeat had reached its terminal velocity.

“He helped me a great deal… and felt so cool.”

A blush rose onto her face as she looked downwards and a smile rose onto her lips.



The one she was calling cool…could that be me?

But all I did was to help Anneth pick up Helmu-Llo fanfiction.

“At first I thought he is Glinda’s relative because both of you look so alike. If Glinda were to put on glasses and dress as a boy, it would probably look like him.”

“I h,h-h-h-h-h-heard that, in this world, there are at least 3 persons who look exactly alike with yourself!”

“Hoho, if Glinda were to meet him, you’d probably be stunned as well. You are really completely alike.”

“Is… is that so?”

I would definitely never be able to meet directly with ‘him’.

“That boy seems to be working in the palace as well. He was wearing a craftsman’s work-clothes…  But I tried searching for him later and cannot find him anywhere.”

“T-there are many people working as craftsmen in the palace… and maybe there are many work-clothes that are similar to each other…”

“Sigh… I should have at least asked for his name.”

Anneth gave a sigh.

Her brows knitted together,seeming to be very saddened. For a girl as cute as Anneth to show such a sad expression for me, my head was beginning to burn – even my heart rate had risen dramatically.

Her sweet voice tickled my ear.

“I truly wish to meet with him again. If I saw him… maybe I would even fall in love.”


To visualize my emotions right now, it was like the blooming of a thousand flowers all at once, like being drowned in the fragrance of the flowers.

Anyway, my head was in a mess, my brain in a topsy-turvy uproar and my chest was as if it had been squeezed tight.

I, I-i-i-i-i-i-i-if I were to tell her that I was the boy of that time, would Anneth l-like me?

W-what should I do? Should I tell her the truth?

Anneth was both cute and gentle,and her chest was so full.

But, if anyone were to find out that I was in fact male, I would become a criminal of the state and be executed– and Anneth might even think that I was a pervert with cross-dressing inclinations.

As I wrecked my brain, Anneth suddenly grabbed me.


W, what?

She couldn’t have developed an interest in me who had identical looks?

That’s not right! I’m a girl… No, it’s a boy… but a girl for now…

“Fu~Fu~” sounds entered my ears.

Huh? “Fu~ Fu~”?

On deeper inspection, Anneth had already closed her eyes.

“Fallen asleep already?”

But she was unlike me, who had the whole day free after giving lessons to the children in the morning. The work ofa maid was physically demanding, and Anneth was such a hard-worker that she probably worked twice or even thrice as hard as others. She must be really tired.

She was staying over because she was worried about me.

She’s such a sweet girl…

Even though my insides were all warm and fuzzy, our current positions were too dangerous. Anneth grabbed my neck with both her arms, hugging my face close to hers and sleeping warmly.

Wah~ her cheeks were so soft. Girls are definitely very comfortable… But this isn’t the time to be emotional!

She was leaning in so close that even a herbivore like me could hardly maintain his sanity, no, I’d probably spray blood from my nose and die from heart explosion first.

I carefully tried to remove her arms around me without waking her up.

Uwuw… Her arms were so soft and comfortable – N, N-n-no, no, I must not think of such things right now, but concentrate on the thing I must do.

But, I had just removed her arms with great effort when she immediately took hold of my head.


In an instant, I could not breathe and began to suffocate.

When I noticed my current situation, my fear rose to another level.

A, Anneth’s chest! Anneth’s chest!My face was buried within Anneth’s chest, the centre between those~~~

Two big round boobs shaped exactly like huge pink peaches.

A touch that felt softer than peaches caressed my cheeks on both sides.

It felt a thousand times more comfy than being rubbed with hands!

The scent of sweat mixed with cream was even sweeter, causing both my face and brain to melt.

No, no no, Anneth, I couldn’t endure till morning.

This kind of comfort would make my heart explode! I would die!

And yet, if I were to shift my body even a little, my face would be buried here or there, or even hear feminine moans of ‘Eh Uh’ or ‘Uuf’, so that I was finally incapacitated,completely frozen.

While Anneth slept, she seemed to be gently caressing my head.

She was probably dreaming about doing something similar to her young brother and sister, and her motion was so gentle.

Sigh… There was no way I could sleep.

Wish that morning would just come soon.

My brain began to recite the important years in history while waiting for the sun to rise outside.


In the end, I could not fall asleep at all.

Anneth who had me wrapped in her chest slept soundly.

Her red loose hair messily covered her face, adding on a layer of sensuality.

Anneth… was so cute.

While she slept, she would not be saying anything about Top or Bottom. If this was in fact our first wedding night together, I would certainly be the happiest man in the world in the morning.

And yet, the situation right now was that I had bloody red eyes from fatigue, loss of physical strength due to mental stress, and at the lowest possible physical condition ever.

“Sigh! How long would such a state of affairs last?”

Until Jerome gave up? When would that be?

Maybe I should just… Stuff carrot up my nose instead…

At that moment –

Dum dum… Someone lightly knocked at the door.

Oh no! Was that the maid here to wake me up? But why would it be this early?

Oh dear, if Anneth were to be discovered lying on my bed – but I was a girl right now, so sleeping side-by-side with another girl should be alright?

“P, Please enter.”

I had wanted to say, but it became:

“P, Plush enter.”

Probably due to the feelings of guilt in my heart.

The door slowly opened, and a girl with silver-coloured long hair and a pair of amethyst eyes fearfully entered.

Eyes filled with discomfort and worry beheld me who was just getting up, and immediately widened.

My breath halted as well.



Damn! This time there’s going to be trouble.

Seira was the only person in the castle who knew I was a guy.

And at this moment, Seira could clearly see that lying next to me, her negligee lightly parting at the chest,hair dishevelled, was Anneth in deep asleep.

 A man and a woman lying on the same bed awaiting the coming of dawn.

I did not know whether the 9-year old Seira understood the meaning of such a scene.

But, saying her face gradually turning pale, purple eyes displaying the look of hurt, I became more ill-at-ease.

“T, That, That is…”

I must say something.

But what could I say?

Seira gripped her right wrist tightly with her left.

Then, tightening her cherry-coloured lips and showing a look of unbearable hurt in her eyes, closed the door quietly.

I could only cover my face and moan.


Anneth dreamily asked me in a murmur:

“What? Glinda? Do your teeth hurt?”


After breakfast and before lesson began, I called for Seira at the corridor.

Seira wordlessly and expressionlessly halted her footstep.

Her clear, transparent purple eyes stared straight at me, lips pursed even higher than usual.

Uwuu… what a high pressure.

But I must clarify myself. Right, must be careful…

“Uwu… Abo..Ab…Ab… Abu…”

Was I trying to quack like a duck?!? Hey, focus!

“About this morning, what is it that you wished of me?”

Seira remained quiet, only gawking at me. She seemed both annoyed and muted, her delicate expressions both fearful and on guard.

“Uh, if you’re minding this morning’s scene, actually nothing have happened at all!”

Thin arms shivered a little.

Her expression hardened immediately, biting at her pouting lips and lowering her gaze. Then, she gripped her right hand with her left again.

Wuuwuu, she wouldn’t accept this?

“R, Right! Aren’t both Anneth and I wearing clothes? You are still a child, so perhaps you do not understand yet,but in such circumstances, if both parties are wearing clothes, it’s just a misunderstanding, and complete acquittal!”

Would saying this be clear enough?

Warily lifting her eyes to observe me, she unhappily said in a low voice:

“But… I don’t think you have to share the same blanket, right?”

“It couldn’t be helped as there is only one bed. Besides, Jerome might come night-crawling again…”

Would it be too blatant to put it this way? Essentially, did nine-year old girls understand the meaning of ‘night-crawling’anyway?

Seira might have been a genius like Glinda, but it seemed that her knowledge in this topic was overwhelming.The twin princesses might be even more precocious and knowledgeable in this direction than Seira…

She touched her right wrist with her left hand again. Was this a habit of hers? She maintained her position, her expression hardening as she bent her head, as if contemplating something,finally saying in a low voice:

“I understand.”

Fuu, that’s great. She finally got it.

“It would be alright if Jerome disappeared, right?”


“I would find a way.”

Seira said in a cold voice.

Her eyes became icy, atmosphere turning frostily foreboding. It was Summer-time right now, but the temperature all around seemed to drop by a great deal.

Seira gave a little bow and then turned to walk away quickly, her silver hair swaying behind her small back.

I was completely suppressed by her atmosphere, and was frozen to the spot for a good while.

“Huh… What are you planning to do?”


Since that day, the recuperating Jerome suffered one disaster after another.

Sudden mysterious chest pains.

Sudden mysterious paralysis.

Sudden mysterious hiccups.

Sudden mysterious hair-loss.

Sudden mysterious appearance of poisonous snake in his room.

Sudden mysterious appearance of poisonous spider in his room.

Sudden mysterious appearance of cursed voodoo doll in his room.

The sudden occurrences of so many mysterious (?) disasters paraded one after another.

“The amount of bandages wrapped around Jerome has gotten thicker, and everyone is saying that he’s being jinxed, but the guy just boasted: ’That must have been the curses from all the other girls I’ve jilted, it’s such a pain to be popular.’”

Anneth who slept over at my room every night reported to me on the bed.

Hearing her mentioning such things cause my stomach to twist in pain.

Because of this, even when Anneth grabbed me in the middle of the night, I was too worried to be concerned – No!This was also a big problem, but let’s set it aside first… Anyway, if Seira really wished to eliminate Jerome, it could be a disaster!

Due to my worry of Jerome, I began to visit his room diligently.

“Jerome, are you alright? Are you still alive?”

“Jerome, you aren’t dead right?”

“Jerome, are you still alright?”

Jerome who had become bundled in thick swaths of bandages took hold of my arm with a face filled with emotions, saying:

“Glinda, from the way you rush into my room looking so distraught with your hair running wild, you must be deeply in love with me, right?”

“I, Idiot! There’s no way that can be true! And stop touching me!”

“Oooh! The wound that the viper bit me hurts again, I’m fainting.”

“Whoa! Steady yourself!”

Why the heck must I be worried for this fellow’s safety?

But, as soon as I directed my attention elsewhere, he would be training his physique as normal, or go strolling to recuperate in the palace’s forested courtyards. Just imagining that he might get bitten by vipers or hit by arrows would cause me to fret over with worry.

“I, I would go with you!”

“If you just wish to accompany me, you don’t have to hide it.”

“No way! Idiot!”

“Hoho! The way you puff your cheeks up is also very cute.”

“Stop it! It’s giving me goosebumps!”

“I understand your intentions.”

“Stop laughing! And don’t nod! I really, really, really hate you!”

Even though I protested, I could not leave the side of Jerome, and even Anneth said:

“Glinda, so you actually do have a thing for man in bondage. Then, maybe I should not sleep over at your place? I don’t really wish to disturb you. Oh ~ but I still like to pair Jerome with Captain Lambert, so I’m feeling somewhat complicated.”

On the other hand, Seira would just watch coldly from behind the trees while I supported Jerome  in his forest strolls, and wouldn’t say anything.

And she would keep holding her right wrist with her left hand mysteriously.

I had completely no idea what was in her mind and, with her frosty atmosphere, one could almost see a forest of glacier in her wake. So I was too frightened to exchange words with her.

The disasters befalling Jerome did not stop, but rather worsened, forcing me to be at his side at all times.

In the end, even Her Majesty the Queen asked me:

“Glinda, regarding you and Jerome’s development, should I be offering my congratulations?”

I could only scream and cry alone in the woods at the late evenings.

Noooo! Absolutely not! I actually hate Jerome the MOST~~~~

“Uwuuwuuwuu, why does everyone thinks that I’m in love with Jerome?”

It was at noon day after class today and I hugged my knees in the forest, murmuring complains that no one ever listened to me, when I heard a branch broke.


And then a slight cry of fright.

I saw a little head with black hair quickly hiding behind the tree, and called: “Prince Ryuuju.”

So, the beet-red-faced Prince Ryuuju pouted and frowned as he came out.

“I, I-I-I-I-I-I-I was not stealthily watching at all! I was just passing by!”

He tried to explain himself with a high-pitched voice, and then closed his mouth, his line of sight swimming all over, before he stared directly at me to ask in a low voice.

“Glinda, you… are you really going, going out with Jerome? Recent, uwu, you seemed to be always together with Jerome… Sarasa and Orie have been saying that you two must be going steady, even engaged... Glinda, do you really prefer more mature men?”

“You’ve been mistaken!”

I denied instantly.

Maybe because I was bottling up more distress than I had expected, my eyes began tearing up uncontrollably.

 His Highness jumped in surprise.

“S-Sorry… have I asked something that I should not have?”

“No, I am the one who should be apologising. That, Jerome and I really aren’t in any relationship.”

I brushed the tears from my eyes with a finger and forced a little laugh ‘Hehe’. Prince Ryuuju’s expression transformed into that of a little puppy’s while being worried for its master.

“Is, Is that so? I understand…” He shifted his eyes in a dodgy manner, lowering his head and said: “But, if…Glinda somehow runs into any trouble, I-I would always be ready to help you.Because, I prefer to see Glinda smiling…”

He shyly finished in a voice that was softer than a mosquito’s buzz, and then stumbled away.

Sigh… Such is youth.

For causing this much worry to such a pure-hearted boy, I really could not forgive myself.

To cause distress to such a pure-hearted kid, I must say that I was ashamed.

“I must work hard too.”

I stood before the door of Seira’s room and knocked at it.

“Uh, it’s me.”


After a gut-spilling long wait, a reply came from behind the door:

“… The door is not locked.”

“… Sorry to disturb.”

I entered the room and my face lost all colours immediately.

Dried herbs hung from the walls, cages filled with rats, bats and lizards lined the floor. Besides those, the desk was piled high with small bottles, filled with snails, toads, caterpillars and some strangely-coloured liquids. A stove was heated with fuel-wood even though it was in the middle of the hot summer, and a metal pot hanging above the stove was boiling with a strange fluid.

Seira was clad for some reason in a black cloak that covered even her head over her western dress, reading from an ancient tome filled to the brim with words while she threw grass and husks of insects into the pot.

The last time that I came to this place, there wasn’t any of these strange things around!

 If it was really this child that was causing Jerome to…

I felt my intestines shrinking in pain and sweat flowed profusely from my forehead – uwu, of course part of the reason was due to the heat in the room.

“Wha… What are you doing?”

“… I am brewing drugs.”

Due to Seira’s calmness, I could not bring myself to ask ‘what drug’.

“That… don’t you feel hot wearing all that? Even the windows are shut tight…”

“… Putting on this long cloak is in order to shield myself from the spray of the bubbling drug. Compared to an apron, this is more efficient. Besides, I do not fill very hot.”

She replied as she stirred the insides of the pot with a gigantic wooden ladle.

The side-view of her face showed only an icy expression, completely without any sweat. If a hand was to touch it, the fingers would probably be frozen over.

“Uuu, That…”

I chanted silently in my heart‘It’s just a nine-year old girl before my eyes, a nine-year old girl, a nine-year old…’, and then asked:

“I want to ask you about Jerome…”

Seira’s face twitched a little.

Then, she used an extremely low voice to reply:

“…I apologise. His vitality is apparently three times stronger than my prediction, so that this is being delayed by such a long time. But, I would definitely remove him within threeday.”


I was so shocked that I was rooted to the ground.

The 9-year old just said ‘remove him’, just what the heck was going on?

“T, T-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-t-this is no longer important!”

Seira turned towards me and asked expressionlessly:

“Not important?”

I shrunk my body and said:

“Don’t do this.”

A short silence later, a low voice asked:


“That… En, I am really grateful for what you are doing for me, but if he should die, I would be troubled.”

“… There won’t be any trouble, not after he’s dead.”

The temperature dropped below freezing levels, and even my heart became frozen.

Uuuuuwwaaaaah! This girl just trivially said such horrifying words! Without even any expressions!

I truly wished to kneel and cry begging: Sorry! Please forgive me! And also apologise to Jerome by the way.

“You feel a little scary like this.”

I finally managed to squeeze out a word, and said frightfully.


She asked again expressionlessly in a low voice.

Purple-coloured eye-pupils instantly lost their shine and turned dull. Her face was unchanging like that of a western doll made from snow.

When face that was already beautiful displayed such an expression, it was as if a witch had descended. I fearfully said in a strained voice:

“A, Anyway, that thing about Jerome must stop! That drug also isn’t needed any more!”

Saying thus, I fled from the room


Uwah! Don’t know whether Seira would really be willing to give up the attempts on Jerome’s life.

Even after returning to my room, my heart continued to beat violently, and sweat poured profusely as I kept pacing around the room in circles.

I should not have said things to Seira without thinking beforehand.

Even though I had not forgotten that she was different from an ordinary child, I was still too careless.


Even if I were to keep pacing from this room’s one end to another, nothing would be solved.

But I just could not calm down.

If anything were to happen to Jerome from now, I would have caused Seira to bear an unforgivable sin.

A 9-year old child would have become a murderess.

I would also have no way to face King Cecero or Her Majesty who had entrusted me with their children.

“S, Should I have reprimanded her more severely, not to continue with such things…”

It was certainly scary to enter that room again, but I was still her Teacher.

I looked towards the door.

Suddenly, violent knocking came from the door.

It could hardly be considered as knocking, it was as if a fist was hammering at the door.

W, What had happened?

I pressed a hand against my chest,using the other to open the door.

“Ms. Glinda! Tragedy! Sir Jerome, he…”

The boy in charge of serving Jerome stood before the door, screaming frantically.

“Sir Jerome suddenly vomited a large amount of blood and fell down. His life is in danger! He said ‘No, I’m dying’, and asked for Ms. Glinda at his side!”

Uwaaah! It had finally happened!

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Dress Boku Vol. 2

Chapter 1 P1: The RomCom days of Sherlock Dolye ~ Please LISTEN to me!

Chapter 1 P2: Even so, we should not share a blanket!

Chapter 3: It’s better to maintain decency even in romance

Chapter 4: His Highness, the legendary handsomest, highly-successful individual

Chapter 5: Disqualified once the clothes are off!

Chapter 6: Bride target for assassination! Hidden blades in all corners!

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