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Chapter 1: The reason I cross-dressed as a girl-genius

Updated: 25th May 2017

“Hoho! So that’s the acclaimed girl-genius Ms Glinda everyone has been talking about?”

Gasps and whispers of wonder filled the main hall of the palace.

“That’s the gem from the country of arts and knowledge, the Winstoria Empire!”

“The emperor is willing to part with such a national treasure?!?”

“This is proof of how highly the Empire values our alliance! His Imperial Highness is certainly both generous and honourable!”

Despite being night, the interior of the hall was as brightly-lit as high noon by the high-dangling chandeliers lit with numerous candles.

Stiffly wrapped in a set of beautiful formal gown, I quivered at the inquisitive gazes of the gossiping officials of Eren Kingdom.

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“But hasn’t it been said that Ms Glinda is a stunning beauty with bright golden blonde hair, divine bright blue eyes and a neck as slender as that of a swan? All I see here is just an ordinary cute girl of seventeen!”

“No no no! Don’t be deceived by her outer appearance! Ms Glinda’s powers can outweigh a hundred scholars, a thousand merchant and ten thousands soldiers!”

Words that I had been hearing since young.

And indeed, Ms Glinda Dolye of the Winstoria Empire was truly the greatest genius ever born.

Gaining entry to Winstoria Empire’s Imperial University at the age of seven with full marks at the entry examination, she attained professorship at the age of twelve.

The year after that, she was awarded her own research centre by the emperor himself at the Imperial Research Institute, and became the deputy director of the cultural ministry that same year.

Now seventeen, she was unrivalled in knowledge, be it in politics, economics, arts and sciences or even military strategies. What a monster.

There was no exaggeration.

The scary thing about it was that everything rumoured about her was completely true.

However, the biggest problem right now was that the one standing trembling in the gathered gaze of Eren’s top officials was not the girl-genius Ms Glinda, but her ordinary twin-brother, me.

Noooooooooooooo!!! How did I land myself in this situation?

The story began one week ago.

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Back then, I was still a housekeeper (and failed college-entry exam student) in the capital of the Winstoria Empire, Vienna.

I had just been dumped by Fleury, the girl who worked at the local bakery, and was crying my way home when I caught that fellow.

“Ho! You’re back! So you’re Sher-chan?”

The front door to our house which was supposed to have been locked when I left was now open, and the apparent thief, a gentleman garbed in formal attire, sat smiling at me from the living room sofa.

He was tall and elegantly clad in black from head to toe; black overcoat, black waistcoat, black pants and black gloves. Even his neatly-combed hair was black, though blue shined in his alert and warm eyes which brimmed with intelligence and honestly.

Sher-chan was my nickname.

My father was raised in Orlando in the West as a merchant, and my mom who was from Romancia used to call me Sher-chan since I was young. Therefore, everyone me called me that as well and not my given name, Sherlock.

And that was somewhat fitting, because a college-exam failure like me couldn’t possibly have such a gallant-sounding name, right?

I was somewhat uncomfortable in the presence of this successful-looking handsome individual smiling before me, as if to rub salt on my recent break-up,

“Who are you?”

I asked in suspicion, and he cheerfully replied.

“Ho, terribly sorry. I seemed to have forgotten to introduce myself. I am Helmut Dahlberg, a colleague of your sister and a diplomat of the foreign office.”

Tsk. So that was really an acquaintance of Glinda. Did he say that he was a diplomat of the foreign office? A 1st class government official, huh. From the overly-familiar and easy way he just strolled into our house, one would have thought that he was Glinda’s boyfriend. Though I dismissed that from my thought as, no matter how handsome he was, there was no way Glinda would have a boyfriend.

“If you are looking for Glinda, you should be at the Imperial Research institute or at the Cultural Ministry instead. Glinda almost never comes back home. Besides, she would be leaving for Eren Kingdom next week. She had been assigned as the royal tutor there by Imperial orders, and it is all over the news. Shouldn’t you have heard already?”

Eren was a small island kingdom in the West which had been isolated both politically and economically from the outside world for a very long time. That was the situation until ten years ago, when the present king, called the Hero-King or God-King by some, ended the policy of isolation, and began a vigorous exchange of foreign cultures.

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During the spring of this year, the Winstoria Empire and Eren Kingdom signed a treaty of friendship and mutual benefits, and to indicate their gesture of trust, the Eren Kingdom awarded the role of the tutor to the royal family to the genius of the Winstoria Empire, Ms Glinda.

Muah, I was just an ordinary parasite off my sister who failed even the uni-preparatory class examinations, much less getting into college, not to mention being recently-dumped and facing the bleak prospect of being a NEET for the rest of my life… To a useless brother like me, those news meant little to nothing.

“Sher-chan, it is YOU that I have business with.”

“Me? Not Glinda?”

“My apologies, Sher-chan.”

He stretched out a slender finger and plucked my glasses from above my nose, then loosened my tied hair and lifted up my bangs.

“Hey! What are you doing?!? Stop touching me!”

The suave diplomat peered at my frantic face carefully, then nodded and said.

“Hmm, this should work.”

“W-what should work?”

“Sher-chan, how many fingers am I holding up?”

The official ignored my complaints and lifted up his fingers.



He walked further away.


“Your eyesight seems alright. Why wear glasses?”

“That’s none of your concern! Please return me my specs!”

The official of the foreign office dodged my outstretched hands with a warm and honest smile.

“Sher-chan, you are perfect! Your eyes, nose, lips, neck and limbs, slender waist, white skin, petite frame, soft voice, are all too perfect! There is certainly no other man in this world more suitable than you to put on Glinda’s clothes!”

“What are you talking about?!?”

I felt a chill on my spine. Putting on a lady’s clothes! Was this guy a pervert? Was this the so-called shotacon?

As I shrank back, the perverted diplomat let out a deep sigh.

“Actually, Glinda had disappeared.”


Disappear? Glinda disappeared?

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“A slip of paper was left on the table of the cultural ministry office. It wrote:’ I am not Glinda Dolye any more from today onwards. Any subsequent issue is none of my business.’ This happened two days ago.”

Not… Glinda Dolye… any more?

I jumped a little, and felt my heart beat speeding up as cold sweat began to form.

“T-That must be a prank! Or a scam!... You should also understand, right? The wavelength of Glinda is a little different from other people… I mean, very different…”

That’s right! Even if Glinda was that different, there should be no way she could have disappeared like this just when everyone was frantically discussing news of her assignment to Eren… right?

I wanted to say yes, but I knew Glinda too well.

She had always been an impulsive monster who ignored everyone, be it towards me, or even the Emperor’s edict…

The horror was that the chance of this happening was actually pretty high! Too scary!

“But! From the character of Glinda, she would definitely just return carelessly…”

While cold sweat oozed from my back profusely, diplomat Helmut broke into my ramble with a serious expression.

“If only that is the case, but, according to the Imperial Intelligence Agency, they have tried to search for Glinda vigorously for the past two days in vain.”

“Imperial Intelligence Agency…”

Had things gotten this serious?

I felt a chill from head to toe.

What the hell are you playing at! Glinda!

“Time is of essence right now as tomorrow is the day that Glinda is supposed to depart for the Eren Kingdom. No matter what happens, we will have to get her aboard the ship to Eren by tomorrow morning.”

“Y-You are too close!... About that, can’t you just tell the King of Eren that Glinda’s suddenly taken ill to buy some time?”


He rejected it right away.

“At this moment, every other country is following up on Glinda’s assignment to Eren. Doing that right now would certainly cause fracture in our relationship with Eren. It may become a very sensitive political issue.”

“Y-your face is too close! Then what should we do?!?”

A feeling of unease crept up from my insides.

I was just an ordinary folk, and a recently-dumped NEET-in-the-making with a famous family member. He couldn’t be making me…

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A couple of ridiculous information rose from the corner of my mind. Those were just tales from the book “Historical Gossipy Anecdotes”, such as the story of how the legendary scammer-lady imposed as a duke’s daughter to be married in another country, or how the Crimson God-Soldier Kainluca hired someone to take his uni-entry exams because he wasn’t really so book-smart… such things. Back then, I just jeered in amusement at the implausibility of such tales…

I was just glued to a tight corner of the room, shivering like a mouse before a hungry cat, when the black foreign official let out a refreshingly charming smile and said.

“Sher-kun, please take the place of Glinda as the royal tutor of Eren Kingdom.”

My mind went blank.

“No! Absolutely not!”

I refused adamantly.

“Even if we are twins, Glinda is a girl! I am a guy!”

“I understand, but that is just a small issue in comparison with the political issue we have on our hands right now.”

“Don’t just write it off like that! It is no small issue! There is a world of difference between males and females!”

“Oh? What difference?”

Helmut discourteously checked me out from head to toe, and tilted his head.

“Chest! I don’t have any breasts!”

“Glinda isn’t really all that well-endowed either. Just stuffing something up there would do the trick.”

“I-I am still growing! I would definitely grow taller, more muscular, have facial hair, and my voice would deepen! The cat would be out of the bag before 2 years are out! Besides, Glinda is a genius who has achieved the 1st rank in the most prestigious imperial exams at the age of 7, while I am still failing to pass the college-entry exams at 17! How is it possible for me to be able to replace her?!?”

 The replacement was dumber than the original. How ludicrous.

However, Helmut replied.

“Nothing is impossible before you actually try it.”

With a refreshing smile, he pushed me into a horse-drawn carriage, strapped a corset from some luxurious fashion store around my waist, stuffed something in the chest area, made me put on a girl’s gown, and skilfully did my hair with rose perfume.

“Great! Look identical to the original Glinda!”

Before the mirror stood an embroidery-laced, silk-covered blond girl in formal dress.

That’s right. Glinda and I looked so alike that we might as well have been carved out of the same mould. But I hated to listen to others’ comments that the brother was ordinary and unimpressive so much that I hid my face with my spectacles and hair.

Noooooooooo! I was already 17 and should already be somewhat masculine! How was it possible that I still looked so much like Glinda! Why was my skin this smooth! Why were my eyes so big and lashes so long?!? Pink lips, and even the way that shivering frame was arousing protective instincts… WHY WAS I SO ENAMOURED BY MY OWN REFLECTION?!?

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Helmut intimately rested his hands on my sagging listless shoulders and said warmly.

“Perfect, Sher-kun! Looks like you can really pull off the role of being Glinda’s replacement! It is fortunate that nobody knew that Glinda had a twin brother, not to mention that within Eren’s royal household, the eldest heir to the throne is only 11 while the youngest is just 5. It is as easy as teaching at the neighbourhood elementary school, so you can just pretend that it is a high-income part-time work. Of course, the elite agents of the Imperial Intelligence Agency would be working hard at locating Glinda, so she would probably be found within half a month… no, with their skills and experience, just a week should suffice so you would only have to hang in there for a week!”

“No! Go back, you kidnapping, gender-blind perverted government official!”

Make me into a laughing-stock for one full week? Quit joking around!

I flailed in protest around like an unhappy kid, bu…

“If Glinda ran from Imperial orders, she would definitely be imprisoned for treason.”


“And if Winstoria Empire came to blows with Eren Kingdom because of this, not only Glinda, but you her brother may be held responsible. There goes your days of peace and quiet.”

“Urh Oh!”

“No, probably both siblings may be hanged.”


This black-hearted foreign office official threatened in a kind and gentle smile.

“Glinda is a genius so she would most likely escape successfully, but that would put our country’s reputation to shame, so you may be imprisoned in her stead. Rather than becoming the scapegoat for someone else, won’t you rather live a life of luxury in the palace? Even an ordinary folk like you should know which is a better choice, right, Sher-kun?”

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Hadn’t you just said earlier that the Winstoria Imperial Intelligence Agency was so excellent that they could locate Glinda in a week? How did that turn into making me into her scapegoat?!?

But I was already too scared to speak.

War! Prison! Hanging!

The mere thoughts of these made me dizzy, even my stomach was hurting (which I discovered later was actually caused by the tightness of the corset).

“Urgh… Ah… Mu… Fine… then you decide…”

The very next day, under the refreshing smile of the swindling government official, I boarded the boat to Eren Kingdom.

Being the first time on a ship, I was badly sea-sick.

Over the week at sea, I vomited practically every single day, emptying out my guts until I feared that I was becoming mummified.

Arriving onshore Eren, we switched over to horse-carriage to Eren’s capital. The capital of Eren was surrounded by walls several stories high, and spear-wielding soldiers guarded the place all the way to the royal palace.

Even within the palace, guards stood at the ready atop the battlements with a fierce atmosphere as though they would rush over at a minute’s notice if we displayed any suspicious behaviour. I was scared stiff.

Now, we were walking at the center of the wide guest-hall.

Clad in a formal lady’s dress, I was assuming the identity of a girl-genius.

Ooooooh! My stomach was hurting so much from the tightness! No, all of my sides were being squeezed to a pulp by this corset which seemed to have been made of whale’s bones. What a torture. My bones were about to break. With the ribbons tied around my back, I felt like a leg of strung-up ham.

And this dress! To give the impression of curves, its insides had been packed into several layers adding to its immense weight! This was practically tying weights of lead around my waist! These embroidered shoes were also too small that every step seemed to be tearing them apart, making me stagger about.

To protect the reputation of the Winstoria Empire, the imperial court had gifted me with the highest quality clothing and shoes for the meeting with the royal family of Eren. Officer Helmut proudly said that “even if a village girl were to put on this set of clothes, she would look like a princess.” But I am a man! Why would I ever want to look like a princess?!?

“No problem. You look every bit as cute as a girl, and if I hadn’t known any better, I may even try to pick you up on the streets.”

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Helmut happily whispered ridiculous words besides me even as I felt terribly disgusted at the thought of being picked up by men. Ohhhhhhhh. My head had begun to spin and my eyesight felt blurry.

Being the topic of discussion among a bunch of old men in another country was taking its toll on my feeble nerves.

That was because I had never been stared at by so many people before.

Since young, I had always been told that I was plain and forgettable. When I tried to confess to my 1st love, Clarisse of the same elementary class, she had instead shown me a bright angelic smile, asking who I might possibly be.

Oh? Why was there a pot-bellied old gentleman glaring fiercely at me from the front? Judging by his severe countenance and apparel that seemed more luxurious and expensive than the others, could this possibly be the King himself?

He… He didn’t seem to be very welcoming to my presence. Those pair of eyes read, “I detest you, go back to where you have come from.”

No, the King of Eren should still be quite young of age. Or could it be that the unimaginably heavy burden of governing a country was so harsh that he had aged far beyond his years?

I was standing astonished, when an uplifting voice spoke.

“Welcome to the Kingdom of Eren. It is our pleasure as the King of Eren to be able to invite the world-famous genius here, Ms Glinda.”

Huh? The voice did not seem to match the appearance.

I mean, that old uncle had not even moved a single muscle of his lips…

I slowly turned, and saw someone clad in a far more majestic, more elegant fur-caped gown than the old gentleman…

My eyes widened and my mouth drooped open.

How was it even possible?

Was this the national treasure? Or some secret work of art?

Such words of exaggeration were not unfitting to describe the extraordinarily beautiful face that appeared before my eyes.

A long ponytail of soft silver hair tied behind the neck swayed gently against clothes of shimmering blue. Dazzlingly white skin like that of a marble statue, perfectly constructed beautiful face, delicate brows, eyes of a deep blue that reminded you of the North Sea, and charmingly smiling lips.

Every part of these features looked feminine and yet combined to give an atmosphere lacking in frailty, but rather oozing of charisma and leadership.

“King Cecello of Eren possessed the beauty of a god,

Rivalling the sky-blue and silver-white of the dragon-god from the sky above,

A glimpse is enough to be conquered by the extraordinary charm and nobility.”

When I first read of it from an article of the tabloids, I nearly erupted out in laughter thinking that: “what a narcissistic girly-man.” Oh yes, sure, king of fabulous beauty… it sounded every bit as ridiculous as every other acclaimed “fabulously beautiful XXXXXXX”.

Me who had once jeered at that exaggerated description, now stood weak in the knees in the presence of his actual beauty.

How old was this man? According to the “World’s royalty who’s who” from the national library, he should had exceeded the age of 30. Could it be that this shiny object was really a monster? Or an alien?

When I looked at my own reflections under the guise of Glinda, I had thought: “Wow, so pretty. If I didn’t know that this person is actually me myself, I might even try asking her out.” But, now, in comparison to this King, I looked no better than a cricket… no, an ant… actually, a flea would be better…

Even as I stared in bewilderment, the fat old gentleman’s harsh glare brought me back to consciousness.

“I-i-i-i-i-i-i am grateful to your majesty for your welcome. I am Glinda Doyle, and it is truly my presssur… I mean, pleasure to be granted such an honourable position.”

I bent my head and knees, slightly lifted the hems of my skirt in a curtsey.

Noooooooo! I was soon about to be squashed flat by this corset and the pressure.

To be cross-dressing before a pretty-boy! And to rank even lower in appearance than the said pretty-boy! Urrrrgh!!!! EPIC FAIL!!!

A group of children surrounded the sides of King Cecello. These well-bred children with an obvious air of royalty came forward to greet me one by one at their father’s command.

“I am the 1st Prince, Ryuuju Von Heinz. I am glad to be granted the opportunity to learn from Winstoria Empire’s culture of such a long and enduring history.”

The black-haired and blue-eyed heir-apparent puffed up his chest, stiffened his face and called out, He gave off a feeling of having practiced for a very long time, demonstrating great force of action and awkwardness. Seeing his display of competitiveness and nervousness common to boys his age should have, I felt somewhat relieved.

“I am the 1st Princess, Seira Sveyn.”

Lifting the hems of her skirt in an elegant curtsy, this beauty of soft silver hair and mysterious purple eyes certainly had inherited her father’s genes. Oh, she’s just like a doll!

Her lifeless eyes and expression were so alike to a western-style doll.

Arms, neck and even the slight display of skin at the feet were all a pale smooth white in colour.

I remembered that the princess was just 9 years of age… She would most definitely be recorded into the “World’s royalty who’s who” as one of the loveliest princesses. Speaking of which, why was it so that this entire family had such beautiful genes?

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As I stared stupidly at the princess, someone tugged at my skirt.

I looked down to see two adorable girls in wheat-blond twin-pigtails staring at me with their sky-blue eyes.

“Hay, even if Elder sister Seira is beautiful, there is no need to be staring like your eyes have popped out of their sockets! I am 2nd Princess Sarasa Gweny. I had heard that Glinda is a genius, with horns growing out of head too! But the actual person looked so… ordinary.”

The word “ordinary” pierced my heart like a knife.

“The brother is almost identical in looks to his sister, but felt completely ordinary.”

“Sher-chan, you’re so ordinary!”

These were words that I had heard so many times that I knew it even without being told so… sob…

Even as my morale took a turn for the worse, the other princess who looked identical to Princess Sarasa said.

“I am the 3rd Princess Orie Labertin. I have even heard that wings grew from the back of Ms Glinda!”

She said happily.

“And shoot lights of rainbows from her eyes!”

“And breathe fire that burns armies of enemies!”

“Have you hidden your horns? Can you show them to me and Sarasa later in secret?”

The two princesses pulled at my clothes left and right with faces of anticipation.

The real Glinda might actually have horns and wings, but that’s definitely not possible for me!

Even as I stood stumped at what to reply, Helmut beside me gave an honest smile and said.

“Glinda’s horns and wings are as rare as golden snow or seven-leaf clovers, not your everyday occurrence. Even a colleague like me has never seen them before. But since both princesses would be staying with Glinda for the next couple of years, you may probably have a chance at catching Glinda’s horns.”

“Wow! I can’t wait, Orie!”

“Yes! We must never let Ms Glinda out of our sight, Sarasa!”

The twin princesses clasped each other’s palms happily squealing and jumping. Their twin-tails bounced around like the ears of rabbits.

Look what you have done, Helmut! That was no way to joke with young girls of eight years old! Besides, they were even planning to put me under constant surveillance now!

I angrily glared at Helmut but he pretended not to notice, reaching behind the sisters instead to respectfully lead a small boy before me.

“Glinda, this is the 2nd Prince, Shin Clifford.”


The brown-haired green-eyed boy looked up listlessly at me. In contrast to Princess Seira’s statuesque cold expression, his demeanour was one of absentmindedness.

“P-pleased to meet you, your highness.”


No response.

Surely, 5 year olds were all like that? He seemed to be trying to figure out the situation he found himself in.

Muu, 1st Prince Ryuuju, 1st Princess Seira, 2nd and 3rd Princesses the twins Sarassa and Orie, and 2nd Prince Shin…

Urgh, my head was in a mess.

Glinda was appointed as the tutor to all these children?!? What was I supposed to teach these princes and princesses? Elementary mathematics? Or some historical stories?

Prince Ryuuju had a sour face, Princess Seira had a lifeless expression, Princess Sarasa and Princess Orie kept squealing about horns and light beams from eyes and such, and Prince Shin looked almost as if he was asleep. Would I really be able to play governess over these kids?

Bile of worry began to raise from my stomach when the king shined an elegant smile upon me, saying.

“The Queen has just given birth to the 6th child and is currently resting. She too would love to meet with Ms Glinda.”

That’s right, there seemed to be no signs of the queen.

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Or more accurately… Within this great guest hall, there did not seem to be any other young lady besides myself… wait, I am not a lady either!

As I retorted to myself, the King suddenly closed in before me.

He s-suddenly grasped tightly at my hands!

At the King’s sudden intimate gesture, my heart nearly skipped out of my mouth and my eyes widened like saucers.

Uuuuuuuurrrhhh!!!! I-I was being grasped by another man! … How disgusting! What was with this guy? Showing interest in me? No, that was most likely just to demonstrate his sincerity before the officials of Eren and the ambassadors of the Winstoria Empire. But wasn’t this action a little too carefree for a King?

“I would also like to welcome you on behalf of my Queen. I hope that you would not only be the tutor of my children, but also be a teacher to myself.”

Uuuuuaaaah!!! I am not Glinda!....

I was just a tabloid and “Historical gossip stories”-loving, mean-spirited ordinary folk who snickered at the private matters of the upper-class, and a NEET-in-waiting!

Sweat profusely ran down my face (H-hey, l-let go of my hands already, you pervert king!) as I somehow managed to squeeze out a reply.

“I-I would definitely do my very baaast!”


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I couldn’t possibly take the place of Glinda after all.

At the end of the exceedingly embarrassing welcome ceremony, I had been led to the guest room prepared for me, and once alone, I threw myself onto the bed, grabbed my head and rolled around cross-legged on the bed.

“Why did I say ‘I would definitely do my baaast’?!?  What’s bast anyway… Everyone must be snickering in secret!”

As I thought back to the scene earlier, my cheeks burned a bright red. Helmut who stood nearby looked as if he was holding his mouth while his shoulders quivered uncontrollably; Even the king who was still gripping my hands lifted the corners of his lips slightly.

I wanna go home.

This room alone was spacious enough to contain my entire home, and it was actually pretty uncomfortable to stay within such a luxurious suite. Was the Imperial Intelligence Agency of Winstoria really reliable? When would they be able to locate Glinda? Where had Glinda gone?

Since young, I had never managed to figure out Glinda, and she had often left home for long periods spontaneously without telling anyone. Back home, she also conducted strange experiments, such as tests for the effects of some new medication on human bodies by making me drink some murky solution which caused unstoppable hiccups; or practicing hypnotism on me to make me believe that I had turned into a donkey and then ran out onto the streets braying on all fours; or asking me to help in her surgery practice by acting as the patient even though I was completely healthy...

Despite all that, should she learn of the fact that her only brother had been made to become her substitute, even someone like her with a complete different way of thinking from everyone else would come to save me… right?

As my unease reached a peak, the door suddenly opened with a “Click”.

I instantaneously closed my legs, adjusted my skirt, knelt-sit on the bed and straightened my hair.

A soft mumble came from the opening of the door… could it be a thief? But this was a palace… Oh! Could it possibly be assassins?!?

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In order to disrupt the alliance between Winstoria Empire and Eren Kingdom, assassins from other countries had come to take the life of Glinda… such events had been elaborated by the serialized novel “Twilight Empire Carebana: Double-agent Princess” I loved reading!

 But I could see the swinging golden-hair and blue eyes of a little girl through the slit of the doorway – it was just Princess Sarasa and Princess Orie.

“Ah! We’ve been caught!”

“Really, it’s all because Sarasa was too loud!”

“How can that be. It must have been Orie poking your head out!”

Fuee… It wasn’t an assassin.

“T-that, what had your highnesses desired of a humble servant… I mean servant-girl like me?”

I caught myself nearly using the wrong pronoun and quickly corrected myself.

The twin princesses cutely stuck out their tongues and ran over.

“Sorry, Glinda”

“We just wanted to carry out secret ‘surveillance’.”

“To observe the horns on my head?”

See, Helmut? That was why you don’t joke around with 8 year old kids!

“And we really want to see that.”


The two of them suddenly blushed furiously and twisted around in embarrassment.

“En… we are really curious about Glinda.”

“We really want to know what kind of person Glinda is.”

Huh? Was I always this popular with girls? Oh, I didn’t know that I possessed such charms that two young girls would be captivated instantan… wait, at the moment, I was supposed to be a “female”, not to mention that I had no lolicon inclinations.

The Princesses Sarasa and Orie shyly glanced upwards me, with angelic smiles so adorable that any lolicon would fall stricken. Even I myself could feel my heartbeat increasing…. No, I absolutely had no such evil thoughts!

One of the angels twisted around shyly and said.

“That’s because… Glinda would soon become our Mother.”

Oh? Our Mother?

“I was so worried that Glinda may turn out to be very cruel, maybe even torturing step-daughters.”

“But Glinda absolutely doesn’t look like a genius, and looks so adorable. I told Sarasa that, if it is Glinda, I would be willing to call her ‘Mother’.”

Glinda was going to get married?

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Was there really anyone in the world that would be willing to marry this monstrously strange man?

This strange man who already had kids, whose profession was the king of a country?

Oh…. Huuuuuuuuuuuuhhhh???

“W-wait a minute! I don’t quite understand what you are talking about; doesn’t His majesty already have a Queen? Isn’t that your Mother?”

The degree of love King Cecello showered his Queen was well-published throughout the tabloids. It was said that he treasured her so much that he won’t allow her to step outside of the palace even once.

The princesses suddenly lowered their eyes, displaying looks of pain.

“…. Queen Mother had passed away after the birth of Shin.”


“The reason why Shin doesn’t speak much is because Queen Mother is no longer around. Lord Father loves Mother so much that whenever He looks at Shin, He would be reminded of Mother’s passing and avoids Shin.”

Two pairs of blue-eyes instantly filled with tears, causing me great confusion.

“B-but! His Majesty said that the Queen has just given birth to a 6th child and is recovering from labour.”

“That’s right. At the southern palace. Since ‘5 years ago’.”


“Lord Father has been thinking that all this time. He hopes that Mother is still alive.”

Both princesses burst out into real tears.

What was up with such stories that sounded just as if they came right out of a tabloid’s serialized novel?

The Queen of Eren had died since 5 years ago?

“Uh… Even the ministers felt that this state of affairs should not be allowed to continue, and decided to find a new bride for Lord Father after discussing. So they invited Glinda over.”

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Appoint Glinda as the Queen of a kingdom!

Did the King know about this?

Glinda might be a genius, but she was also a cold-blooded animal incapable of romance or marriage…

Huh? The Glinda they were talking about now… wasn’t that I?

So… I was going to be married?

At that instant, I could not help but let out a scream.


They were going to make me into a Queen of that King who was as beautiful as a fairy?!?

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